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Suez effects will touch American consumers — Great Quarter, Guys

Why everyone should care about getting freight back on track

With freight delays already rolling in even as the Ever Given floats freely, Andrew Cox and Seth Holm debate the downstream effects awaiting U.S. ports and consumers on this episode of Great Quarter, Guys. 

They take this edition of “you care or nah?” to discuss the massive increase in consumer spending following the third stimulus check. Holm and Cox also talk about airline cargo demands, Nike retail strategy and news about Bed, Bath and Beyond.  

Cox and Holm are joined by Rick Helfenbein, former president and CEO of the American Apparel & Footwear Association, to discuss the Suez Canal blockage’s impact on the U.S. consumer. The three also debate China’s overnight squeeze on American brands.

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  1. samir sardana

    Moral of the Story – should Container Ships,beyond a certain height,go into the Suez ?

    In the desert – sandstorms and winds can be detected and predicted,by ship and port radars,but the crux,is the reaction time for the Master,and the ACTION WHICH CAN BE TAKEN ! dindooohindoo

    The Truth is that there is not much reaction time,and in the narrow part of the channel – there is nothing that can be done,for wind speeds BEYOND A CERTAIN KNOT (for ships with such a height) – even if the ship speed is 8 knots.

    There is no seasonality for the wind storms in the Suez- doom can strike at any time.So the only safe bet,is break bulk,tankers and liquid cargos.

    If a 200000 ton ship,can have its bow tossed around,like a paper plane – then there is no hope for similar height container ships.If the container height is lowered,then the freight costing will NOT BE viable for the 200000 ton Container ships – and they will themselves,take a detour.

    1 ship stranded 400 ships on both sides of the Suze for 8 days ! At a time charter of say USD 20,000 a day – you have a USD 65 Million hit.Then there will be at least 300 ships,which took a detour,of 8 extra days,with extra fuel,which is another USD 65 Million – and then,there is the Suez loss.

    Insurers will be bombed by USD 150-200 Million,and will raise Marine and Hull rates,which will offset the higher insurance,in the African Cape.

    Al Sisi bet a HUGE AMOUNT on the Suez,and then Asia-EU trade stagnated and COVID struck !

    SISI came to India to meet his Good friend – Chaiwala in 2016 – and from thence,the Suez stagnation started !

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