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TCA partners the Alliance for Toll Free Interstates to stop the spread of tolls across the country



The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has partnered again this year with the Alliance for Toll Free Interstates (ATFI). ATFI is a national coalition comprised of individuals, businesses, and organizations working to maintain the longstanding policy of protecting existing interstates from new tolls.

As a partner, TCA is working with like-minded businesses and organizations to push back against tolls. To date, ATFI and TCA have been working diligently to fight tolls in several different states.

Rhode Island is leading the charge when it comes to abusing tolling policy and creating harmful transportation solutions.  In the winter of 2016, Rhode Island passed RhodeWorks, a bill to create an entire network of new tolls across the state. The plan exploits a federal exemption that is meant to repair lone, ailing bridges to instead create a statewide tolling system. The implementation so far has been rocky, with RI facing both constitutional and legal hurdles—including the American Trucking Associations filing a federal lawsuit against the state.

Taking its lead from Rhode Island’s use of the federal bridge exemption, Indiana began to look at tolling its highways in 2017. A 2017 transportation package passed by the Indiana General Assembly allowed for the study and consideration of tolling practically all major Indiana highways.

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After months of debate, in November 2018, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced he would not move forward with adding tolls on Indiana roads. ATFI was central to pushing the anti-tolls message in Indiana. Since 2017, ATFI has run and The campaign continues to encourage Hoosiers to oppose tolls in Indiana through emails and social media. Their website petition has received more than 3,700 signatures and over 1,000 emails to Indiana legislators have been generated.

The most recent state to look at new tolls is Virginia. In Summer 2018, the Virginia Department of Transportation created the Interstate-81 Corridor Improvement Plan which offered the General Assembly two financing options for fixing I-81, one of which was tolling. The General Assembly chose to pursue tolling in January 2019, and once the bills were announced, ATFI launched ATFI used social media to drive users to the website where more than 2,000 people have sent over 5,700 letters to the Governor and state legislators. Both tolling bills have recently been changed to further study financing options for I-81 for another year, pushing the tolls issue off until 2020.

ATFI and TCA will continue to work together to stop tolls from spreading across the country. For more information, visit the ATFI website.

Chris Henry

Chris Henry has spent his entire 20-year career in transportation. In 2014, he founded the online motor carrier benchmarking service StakUp. As a result of a partnership with the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) in 2015, StakUp was rebranded as inGauge and Henry became the program manager for the TCA Profitability Program (TPP), an exclusive benchmarking initiative that includes more than 230 motor carrier participants throughout North America. Since joining the program, participation in TPP has grown over 300%. In June 2019, StakUp was acquired by FreightWaves and Henry became its vice president of carrier profitability, in addition to his role with TPP. Henry earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts and a bachelor of commerce degree from Nipissing University.