Technology is key to improving visibility within the transportation industry, according to p44

project44, a logistics technology company, seeks to use technology to provide much-needed enhancements to visibility in the transportation and logistics industries.

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Visibility has been a common goal in transportation and logistics for quite a while, but in today’s landscape, visibility must go beyond just tracking shipments by location. Full transparency into pricing, pickups, tracking, documents and payments is necessary for companies to remain competitive in this new era of ecommerce and on demand shipping.

The technology behind the visibility

project44, a logistics technology company, is changing the way the industry communicates and shares data. The growing needs of the industry are too intensive for legacy technology and manual processes to efficiently support. With that in mind, p44 has created a more efficient way for companies to transmit that data across the shipment workflow, creating end-to-end visibility.

While a larger part of p44’s idea is to replace the legacy technology currently bogging down the transportation and logistics industry, the company is also trying to make sure that the solutions being built are scalable. That’s a major strength of API technology—APIs are scalable and can easily adapt to integrate with technology as it evolves.

For example, look at the emergence of blockchain technology, which is starting to reach logistics. Because of its potential for digitally storing transactional records and sharing information across multiple systems, blockchain could be an excellent tool for keeping records consistent among supply chain partners. But how does a company access a blockchain in order to record or collect data? APIs. APIs serve as the connective tissue between a company’s existing systems and the blockchain. Without APIs, there’s no data going in or out.

p44’s technology is changing the way the transportation and logistics industry communicates, allowing for visibility across the shipment workflow. Our solutions are creating efficiencies for businesses that desperately need them, leveling the playing field for smaller companies to compete with ecommerce giants. project44 is expanding the definition of visibility, and what’s possible for the modern supply chain.

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