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The definition of essential — WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

What some truckers may need to stay on the road

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It’s a packed episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? for Dooner and The Dude following the FreightWaves Sales & Marketing Summit on Thursday. They recap the summit, talk to a truck driver about his essential needs on the road and discuss the prioritization of truckers for the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The American Trucking Associations is lobbying for truckers to be moved to a higher priority for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The ATA sent a letter to the CDC, with the backing of 49 state associations, requesting the CDC move truckers up to phase 1b instead of phase 1c. 

Six people are facing federal charges in a Paycheck Protection Program fraud scheme. The Department of Justice alleges $1.5 million in funds was misappropriated, including by the owners of two defunct trucking companies. 

H.D. White Logistics CEO Hope White joins the show after her discussion with Luke Falasca during the Sales & Marketing Summit. White says she had an incredible time at the summit and learned a lot about the marketing space. 

H.D. White has just opened a 10.65-acre container storage facility in Metter, Georgia, and White says she has a goal to be a leader in hemp transport across the state. 

Dooner and The Dude host Ryan Pamplin from Taimen Transport to hear how his small brokerage in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is competing with the big dogs. Pamplin says it all boils down to communication and technology. He says between its transportation management system Turvo, Ambition and even FreightWaves SONAR, communication is open between his team and clients. 

We get to hear an original acoustic guitar song from Randy Hudson, the Freight Broker Coach, as he plays it forward on this WTT?!? Hudson coaches his clients to ask the right questions of others when making deals instead of making assumptions. 

Last up, Dooner and The Dude debate the trucker who is an “evangelist” for toilets to be included in trucks. Most carriers don’t allow portable toilets, but proponents say they could limit sanitation issues at rest stops. 

What do you think? Are on-the-go toilets essential to a trucker’s lifestyle?

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One Comment

  1. Gamma Burst

    A Love’s (convenience, food, fuel station, truck stop) heading into Phoenix off of the I-10 has been providing a mobile restroom trailer w/ 4 female stalls on one side and 2 men’s stalls and 3 urinals on the other side.
    These additional restroom facilities eased the heavy trucker traffic.
    I agree that transporters are legitimately eligible to receive early vaccines.

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