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The future of freight showcased during FreightWaves LIVE @HOME demos (with video)

Headline sponsor J.B. Hunt demos its Shipper 360 final-mile solutions at FreightWaves LIVE @HOME. Image: FreightWaves

Seven forward-thinking logistics companies displayed their innovative solutions during the FreightWaves LIVE @Home virtual conference. Each company was tasked with creating an intuitive demonstration to showcase their products without the use of PowerPoint.

The spotlight was on J.B. Hunt, Stratix, Zuum, Hubtran, Platform Science, Trucker Tools and LinkeDrive during FreightWaves’ free LIVE @Home conference on Friday.

J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt showcased final-mile solutions offered by Shipper 360, its instant visibility and delivery management platform. Customers can easily schedule in-home deliveries through Shipper 360’s intuitive dashboard that provides in-depth options for booking shipments or scheduling returns.

“Coupling J.B. Hunt, the largest asset-based final-mile network in North America, with a dedicated, non-service offering, we bring new levels of value to our customers with big and bulky product deliveries such as appliances, TVs, fitness equipment and many more products,” said Mark Brewer, director of product innovation at J.B. Hunt.


MobiControl is the enterprise mobile device management solution of Stratix. MobiControl provides real-time visibility and control of mobile devices on one platform. 

Ryan Bell, the partner enablement manager at Soti Inc., detailed MobiControl’s hands-on dashboard and its capabilities to effectively manage frontline workers and driver operational efficiencies.

“MobiControl allows clients to gain visibility, take action on and control their mobile landscape,” Bell said.

With MobiControl, managers can locate drivers in real time and track their routes as well as limit a user’s access to internet streaming to, for instance, rest stops in order to ensure non-distracted driving. Bell also showcased the Remote Control feature, which allows managers to see everything that an end user sees on their mobile device in addition to enabling toggle control and access to the device’s files.


Zuum Logistics’ Super Platform is a comprehensive, universal platform that includes a shipper transportation management solution (TMS), broker software, carrier TMS and mobile driver application.

Zuum’s mission is to bring an end to data fragmentation. Matt Tabatabai, co-founder and COO of Zuum Transportation, described how shippers, brokers and carriers use on average seven different low-tech, siloed systems to conduct operations in which communication between these systems is often nonexistent.

Tabatabai explained the Zuum platform provides shippers with access to instant freight quotes and gain real-time load visibility. He added that brokers can also accelerate load coverage and automate client notifications while carriers can receive transparent commissions, profitable loads and route optimization.

“Unlike traditional logistics companies, Zuum is creating value by connecting all participants in the industry gaining efficiency through automation, workflow integration and transparent information flow, not just by aggregating capacity,” Tabatabai said.


HubTran’s mission is to automate the back office. Serving brokers, third-party logistics (3PL) providers, factors and now freight forwarders, the automation platform delivers back-office speeds up to 10 times faster and more efficiently and accurately than previous systems. 

Using artificial intelligence, HubTran customers can reduce costs, eliminate errors, improve employee engagement and drive growth. Its platform uses optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to scan and assign shipping invoices to their corresponding loads. 

HubTran’s Lights-Out Processing is an industry-first solution that allows for true management by exception. Josh Asbury, vice president at HubTran, explained that with Lights-Out, accounts payable will never see invoices when they come in from a carrier; work just disappears.

Platform Science

Platform Science capitalizes on the power edge of computing with its connected vehicle platform. The system provides for app-to-app integrations, mobile device management as well as the ultimate in driver experience and security.

Darrin Demchuck, vice president of Platform Science, explained that with edge integration, cloud computing is not needed to generate real-time data from the vehicle to the mobile device or tablet. Data can be streamed securely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection between truck and driver.

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools connects brokers and 3PLs with carriers and provides real-time visibility and digital freight matching. Brokers can digitally match freight with carriers through Trucker Tools’ fully automated Book It Now mobile app and carrier portal. 

The software’s latest offering is its Broker Advantage Portal, which allows 3PLs to create brand recognition among their carrier bases. The newest software looks to strengthen carrier relationships and provides users a better platform to showcase their tools and services.

Trucker Tools boasts engagement with over 135,000 carriers. In addition, its mobile app is the most downloaded app in the industry with over 1 million downloads.


The LinkeDriveR app is designed to give fleets unparalleled driver analytics and performance management coaching solutions. LinkeDrive is partnered with electronic logging device (ELD) providers to create a fully automated driver experience solution that’s completely SaaS-based.

LinkeDrive provides cloud-based driver and truck analytics to help fleets optimize performance.

Among its offerings, PedalCoach offers real-time feedback to the driver to improve fuel efficiency and safety. According to LinkeDrive, drivers who use PedalCoach typically see a 0.5- to 2-mile-per-gallon increase, 5% fuel savings fleetwide and 25% fewer harsh decelerations.

“Being able to communicate with every one of your drivers every day is critically important, not only for the fleet’s success but also for the success of each individual driver, as well as the success of the company’s culture,” said David Goodwin, director of customer engagement at LinkeDrive.

Jack Glenn

Jack Glenn is a sponsored content writer for FreightWaves and lives in Chattanooga, TN with his golden retriever, Beau. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business.