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Voices from the web, February 21: What does detention cost?

In this week’s edition of Voices from the Web, where we take some of the more interesting comments from trucking-related social media, we start with a typical query, this one from Facebook’s Rate per Mile Masters group: what should something cost?

Facebook poster 1: Quick question. What’s the average pay for 24hr detention?

Respondent 1: Layover varies a lot depending on what market you are in. Slower, cheaper markets tend to have cheaper layover. I’ve seen anything from $150 to $350 (per day). Generally, it’s not very common to find anything more than that for 24 hours.

Respondent 2: I like $650 a day.

Respondent 3: I like an $8000 day

Respondent 2: I’m being realistic though.


Facebook poster: Went to shipper last night to haul a load of glass. Got loaded and was tarping (8 footers). I got the first tarp on and tied my corners down and was working on the second tarp when a supervisor came over and told me I couldn’t be up there. My response was that I can’t tarp this from the ground. I have to get up here. He said no way, so I got down. I got some nylon rope out of my truck and told him to get me a ladder and I could tie to a corner and pull it over from the other side possibly. He leaves and comes back with his supervisor who continued giving me s*** about being on the load. Keep in mind I wasn’t standing on the glass, I was standing on the racks holding the glass. She said it’s the same thing and that I can’t be up there. I told her if you won’t let me up there and you can’t provide a ladder then I can’t tarp the load. She said fine, “take it off”. After 5 hours this is the outcome. No conversation, just that I couldn’t get up there. Period. I know I probably won’t get a TONU (Truck ordered, not used) but do you think a company should get one in this situation. I’ve been tarping loads for a decade and I have yet to figure out a way to tarp without getting up there. I spoke to the broker and he’s working on it, but I am less than optimistic. For me the key is that the shipper made the decision to unload the truck, not me. If I had said to unload it, I couldn’t get a TONU, but I was fully willing to finish tarping and haul the load, but the supervisor wouldn’t let me do my job and as a result I lost a day. Thoughts?

Respondent 1: The load is on your truck. If this was my truck the load does not come off until the revised rate con is sent over. And before anyone jumps on this holding the load hostage, it is not. The load was put in possession of the truck when the shipper put it on. This is re-negotiating of the terms, due to the shipper wanting to change the terms. In my business, the customer can have anything they want as long as it is legal, and they are willing to pay for it.

Respondent 2: I have told shippers that once the shipper signs the papers and have released the load, they are no longer in the position to dictate any further demands. Next is it’s your right to hold a load for payment if the shipper violates your rate con. The only thing is it’s your legal responsibility to make sure there is no damage to the product. I have had a shipper change things after the rate con was signed and loaded, added surcharges and upped my C.P.M. In the New rate con. I have never not had a broker go against me during renegotiation. They have always agreed with me.

Respondent 3: I was at a couple places like that. They say “All loads must be tarped!!” on a sign at the shipper office. But they won’t let you tarp on site. They don’t want any liability if you fall off. So basically they want their cake and to eat it too.


@LenDuboisTruck on Twitter: Over the years, we have heard some bad analogies for what it is like to be in a relationship with a truck driver. A lot of these come from people who just don’t understand, and can’t comprehend, the lifestyle (And a link to a very nice story.)


@BlueJaysRoger on Twitter: Parking issue in the U.S. gets worse and worse. Nobody does or says anything about it. Get off the highway after 18:00 and forget about it. You won’t find a spot. #trucking


This interview with truck driver Finn Murphy, whose memoir “The Long Haul” was recently published, was mentioned on several social media platforms. The interview can be found here.


DongoDongo on Reddit put up a video on Reddit under the subject: Learn from my Dumbassery. On the YouTube link he writes “Took the turn a little too fast, should have been more careful. Seriously thought i was going down into the ditch, on the bright side I am now 110% awake.”


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