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UP to use low-emission diesel-hybrid in Texas

UP to use low-emission diesel-hybrid in Texas

   Union Pacific Railroad said Friday it will introduce 111 low-emission locomotives for yard operations in Texas.

   Ninety-eight of these low-emission rail yard locomotives, called the “Generator-Set,” or “Gen-Set,” switchers, will be built by RailPower Technologies Corp.

   The hybrid locomotives are powered by two or three small diesel engines commonly used in over-the-road trucks. Each engine turns a generator that produces electricity for motors connected to the axles of the locomotive wheels.

   Union Pacific expects the locomotives to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80 percent, while using approximately 40 percent less fuel.

   By mid-2007, Union Pacific said it will introduce the new locomotives as follows:

   * 56 units in Houston.

   * 46 units in Dallas/Ft. Worth.