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Walmart faces $50k fine for allowing truck parking at Illinois store

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Walmart is facing a $50,000 fine for allowing trucks to park at one of its Illinois stores. The penalty came from the city of Springfield, which claims the store is not following the parking plan approved by the city when it was built.

The previously approved plan does not include truck parking, according to an article by The State Journal-Register. The local newspaper reported that city officials started asking the store to address safety concerns caused by the trucks, like blocked visibility, last April.

The fine was issued last week after Walmart failed to act on its proposed plans, like re-striping its parking lot to allow truck spots or placing barriers to prohibit trucks, according to the State Journal-Register article.

The article states that the city of Springfield is more interested in working with Walmart to find fix any problems than collecting the entire fine.

Walmart National Media Relations Senior Manager Casey Staheli told FreightWaves the store was working with the city to reach a resolution Tuesday.

“We’re still weighing all of our options and continuing to work with the city to reach solutions, until then, we are working within the regulations,” Staheli said.

While it is not uncommon for Walmart stores to allow overnight truck parking, it is banned at many of the stores across the country. Policies can vary because Walmart allows truck parking rules to be set on a store-by-store basis.

“It is store-by-store, as well as community-by-community,” Staheli said. “Sometimes communities have regulations or restrictions, and sometimes the owner of the property we lease might assert certain restrictions.”

He said Walmart supports truck drivers whenever possible, while also operating within community regulations and other restrictions, as necessary.

“We understand the importance of truckers, especially in our line of work, and we try to be as accommodating as possible,” Staheli said.

The problem with Walmart’s varying policies is the lack of predictability for drivers making a parking plan. One company, Trucker Path, has stepped in to help drivers figure out which locations are trucker-friendly and which are not.

The mobile app points drivers to legal parking facilities across the country, including rest areas, truck stops and yes, Walmart stores. It allows drivers to read reviews from those who parked before them, as well as leave reviews for those who will park after them.

Trucker Path Chief Business Officer Chris Oliver said the company called every Walmart in the U.S. and asked if the store was truck-friendly when the feature first launched.

Of about 5,400 stores, about 2,700 reported having truck parking. The company keeps the feature up-to-date by crowdsourcing information from drivers out on the road, according to Oliver.

“We are here for the sake of capturing information from truckers that we use to make their life easier and parking is big, big part of that,” Oliver said.

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One Comment

  1. Some of those politicians need voted out and replaced with those with common sense.

  2. Some people don’t understand that even those pens that they write those stupid rules came on a boat, train and finally delivered ON A TRUCK !!!

  3. More like stop shopping at Wal-Mart all together and stop hauling the loads they need to stock the stores…. we have the choice and power to hurt them most choose not to….

    1. Umm why are you blaming Walmart? The city does not want them parking there

  4. Stfu y’all worried about the “lack of visibility” a truck makes? How about the lack of visibility at intersections from over grown trees, shrubs, signs, etc. Pretty sure “lack of visibility” is more important on the roadway than in a parking lot. Just my thoughts

  5. Well its understandable hy some WalMarts dont allow us to park,,, Some nasty ass drivers leave there piss bottles and trash and bags of poop on the ground, then Walmart employees have to go clean it up… So i cant really blame some of the stores…

  6. What about if the truck companies impose surcharge ob goods delivered to Springfield?, if the people of Springfield would know who is to blame next time they will choose another authorities? Everybody in this country is looking for a rich company to sue them for any kind of violations, and this is becoming ridiculous. Especialy this issue with the trucks and lack of places to park. If the stupid city of Springfield would have enough places to park for semis you wouldnt see trucks at walmart parking

  7. But it’s ok for RV people to sleep on Wal-Mart property but not a hard working truck driver that spends way more money at Wal-Mart’s than than old man and woman in those RVs ! Plus they need a CDL too! To drive one of those things because they sure can’t drive ! Also if the city of Springfield did with out food and supplies they would change their minds about a trucker taking a nap ! At least they aren’t on the road trying to kill some one because they are out of service like RV drivers !Dot needs to study the hours that RVs and campers spend on the road without even trying to take a nap ! Truckers get treated unfairly every single day !

  8. These cities that want their freight but have NO PLACE FOR TRUCKS TO PARK AND SLEEP. if I was still trucking I would refuse to deliver in these states. The hell with communist city’s and states. Wonder why no one wants to be a trucker today. Why don’t some of you office workers try it and let’s see what you have to say about a place to sleep. Your a joke.

  9. And… Another great reason to justify why I left the business after nearly 3 decades, 14 years as an independent. I don’t miss it one bit.
    Entire communities are anti-truck. Screw them, let them starve or pay out the nose for anything they want.

  10. I wonder why some drivers think they have the right to park on private property? I’ve seen the garbage left behind by driver’s too lazy to walk to a garbage can. Not to mention the damage done to the property by the many steering wheel holders. Add to that the additude I get when I ask drivers to move so I can make my delivery make me have no sympathy for these self entitled drivers.

  11. I stopped at a Walmart on Monday. In the designated area for drivers to park/rest. I noticed a bucket smelling of fecal matter and bottles that appeared to have urine in them. There are only a few Walmart’s that allow drivers to park/rest and shop. Drivers should respect their property. So that the trend can continue. A large number of drivers depend on these stores to shop healthy instead of eating food from truck stops that contribute the majority of health issues drivers are faced with. Thanks to the Walmart’s that allow drivers to park and Thank you to the drivers that respect the privilege.

  12. Hey truckers let boycott Springfield lllenois they need to respect the truck driver.

  13. I been driving for 32 years all my years I have not seen it become so difficult to find a place to sleep.thanks to the electronic log drivers are now forced to park many times each week before their hours are actually up.truck stops are taking advantage of our desperation by charging us for a place to one in Washington stands up for the American trucker.we are getting citations by all states for parking beside roadways.we are being ticketed for parking at businesses.a lot of private businesses that we are loading or unloading dont want us sleeping at our pic up or delivery points.drivers are quitting left and right fed up with the whole you take a city like Springfield telling a private business who can park and who cant.i miss the good old days when the American trucker was earl Pitts always said,,,,wake up america..

  14. And then one wonders why there are not enough drivers on the road!!
    It was stressful just driving, now we have look for somewhere to park if not we’re in violation. Then you find somewhere and they tell you, you cant park!!!
    Yes,yes, plan your trip. But sometimes construction, accidents, weather messes up your plans. And these truck stops charge you for parking the later it gets the more you pay. And what’s worst some those spots are left empty!!! And it’s not that we can’t pay, but why do we have to???

  15. I used to work for Wal-Mart and our security services loved having truckers on the lot because it helped to get rid of parking lot crimes. If you look at Wal-Marts that do allow trucks vs those whom dont. You will see a rose in crimes from thefts even to murders.
    Plus Sam Waldon would not have approved of any store refusing of any trucker from staying on any Wal-Mart.

    1. Oh and the City of Springfield, IL needed to look at the crime statistics before fineing a Wal-Mart store for allowing a trucker to sleep.

  16. 50 grand, And where does the money go? Lining politicians pockets… Damn politicians do nothing but bitch, finger point and get rich. Makes me proud to be an American…

  17. City ordinance most likely, city can fix this easy , and the parking lot is on private property, also the ceo of walmart only needs make one ph call to the city of Springfield il ! Asking the question ? Do you wanf us here or in the next closest town on each side of your sad city !

  18. Without truckers, over the road drivers, you would starve, have no cloths to wear, or fuel for your car. You would have nothing! You want your stuff, bit you wont even allow us to park for a few hours to get some groceries and the supplies we need to do out jobs. Its not a saftey issue, how do you think the product gets to walmart, by a commericial truck.

  19. Without trucksyou would be naked homeless and starving,yep that’s justification to leave garbage and piss bottles in parking lots, I’ve been driving 18 years

  20. walmart in perry georgia has a scheme going with local towing company. they wait till you park and sleeping a few hours, tgen boot you and tell you to pay them. talked to store manager and although he claims ignorance to the way this is hapoening, its clear this operation nightly is making someone thousands of dollars.

    If trucker path truly wanted to help they would have attended each and every truck parking meeting since their inception. remove walmart stores from the app that are shaking down drivers and don’t want us there at all. What I see is trucker path trying to collect data from us. They could do much better to help with this situation.