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Wared, Preferred Freezer Services partner in Mideast

Wared, Preferred Freezer Services partner in Mideast

   Middle East-based logistics company Wared Logistics said Wednesday it has partnered with New Jersey-based cold storage warehouse operator Preferred Freezer Services to construct and manage refrigerated warehouses throughout the Middle East-North Africa region.

   'The MENA region is enjoying significant economic growth and has a substantial unsatisfied need for refrigerated services,' said John Galiher, chief executive officer of Preferred Freezer Services, in a statement. 'It is a key target in our global expansion plans.'

   Initial warehouse facilities are targeted for Cairo, Jeddah and Abu Dhabi, with longer-term plans for nine other regional centers. Wared will provide refrigerated trucking services in each region for delivery to ultimate customers, and global trade management, importation and drayage services to the distribution centers from the ports-of-entry.

   Planning has already begun for the Cairo and Jeddah facilities. The Cairo warehouse will be located within the Wared logistics hub in the Sixth of October City industrial complex, serving the largest population center within the MENA region. The second facility will be located in Wared's logistics hub in Jeddah, adjacent to the Saudi Arabia city's port.