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White Paper – Good data beats false confidence: Shippers’ current benchmarking practices

Since July 2020, the Outbound Tender Rejection Index has sat above the 20% mark, meaning nearly one in five loads that shippers tendered were rejected by carriers for higher-paying loads in the spot market. While many shippers wait desperately for rates to return to normal, analysts suggest that the market is not expected to normalize anytime soon.

The data within this white paper sheds light on shippers’ current pricing and benchmarking strategies, which exposes the need for shippers to acknowledge flaws in the traditional RFP cycle and embrace pricing analysis with real-time data as part of a self-optimizing process rather than an infrequent exercise.

To test the hypothesis that shippers often make uninformed decisions with unsophisticated benchmarking, FreightWaves, in partnership with Loadsmart, surveyed its audience of shippers. Learn how shippers can identify performance gaps and competitive advantages, as well as secure capacity based on near-time or real-time data.

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