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White Paper: Reconciling Clean Energy With Profitability

The State of Sustainability for Shippers

In its purest sense, the demand for sustainability initiatives assumes a shared desire to protect and preserve the diverse ecosystems and life forms on Earth. However, as profit-driven entities across the globe pursue these initiatives, they often must reevaluate and adapt their existing processes, technologies and operating philosophies. Shippers whose distribution of goods relies on a network of transportation companies have limited options to promote impactful sustainability, however, because emissions are typically generated in much larger part by carriers.

FreightWaves partnered with Transplace to survey shippers and determine their current motivations and strategies for sustainability initiatives. This white paper widens the lens for shippers to see how their internal initiatives compare with those of their competitors, perhaps offering the opportunity to evolve their current framework as the industry navigates proactive steps for sustainability alongside regulatory requirements.

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