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Bestpass helps fleets target tolls once and for all

Ask yourself: Who’s handling tolls in your office, and how much are you paying?

I know, I know. Toll management isn’t exactly your favorite thing to ponder. But take a moment to consider the stack of violations your office is accruing. 

At some point, they must be paid.

“While it’s not usually the first thing people are thinking about, it’s something that they have to get under control to move the fleet forward so that their staff can get back to what they were actually hired to do,” said Jason Walker, chief revenue officer at Bestpass.

Walker appeared on FreightWaves’ WHAT THE TRUCK?!? to encourage fleets to once and for all get their tolling issues under control. 

Bestpass is the leading provider of nationwide toll management solutions, helping fleets and owner-operators reduce violations and paper bills while giving them one bill and one point of contact for all their tolling needs.

Toll visibility is a major problem facing fleets. Walker said his customers often don’t know how much they’re spending on tolls, let alone know how to calculate that number. So using data to adjust routes or minimize fuel spend has largely been absent from their strategies.

In turn, he said it’s not uncommon for fleets to waste upward of 40 hours a month managing transponders on their vehicles and an additional 30 hours each making toll payments and handling violations.

“For a lot of fleets it’s really impossible to get what they really need done and to move their fleet forward until they get that drag of the toll under control,” Walker said. “What we focus on is helping streamline that process and give key employees their time back to make better decisions.”

Bestpass works with fleets to analyze their routes, determine what types of vehicle devices are needed and help ensure they have proper coverage in place. Walker said it’s common that most incurred costs stem from improper coverage.

But Bestpass customers don’t have to worry. Its tolling solution offers coverage for all major U.S. toll roads.

What’s more, Bestpass’ comprehensive payment platform provides fleets with a single statement for all tolls, reducing time spent on them by up to 50%.

“A fleet that’s traveling across the country could be working with up to 45-50 agencies,” Walker said. “What we do is we eliminate that — think going from 50 down to one.” 

Excessive spending is another target of Bestpass. Fleets spend an innumerable amount of time and money on administrative costs associated with toll management, as offices play a game of hot potato to decide who will be tasked with the tolls.

“Our customers see a dramatic positive return in both time and money when they partner with us,” Walker said. “Most fleets get the greatest benefit by using the data we provide to make smart decisions for the routes to maximize travel, not to mention getting back to doing their real job.”

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