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BiTA to expand its blockchain mission, renamed Blockchain in Transport Alliance

BiTA, previously known as the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance, has expanded its mission and renamed the Alliance the Blockchain in Transport Alliance to reflect its focus on all forms of transportation, not just trucking.

Many BiTA members have business interests in modes of transport besides just trucking, including maritime, air freight, intermodal, pipeline and rail. As a result, the mission of BiTA is being expanded to reflect the diverse business interests of members.

“Since BiTA launched this past fall, we have seen overwhelming interest from all forms of transportation companies, not exclusively trucking,” explained Chris Burruss, president of BiTA. “These organizations wanted an organization to further their interests in blockchain standards, working on the same framework, regardless of mode.”

The organization will also expand its presence globally by opening offices in London and Singapore, which it describes as global centers of transportation and commerce.

“By expanding our presence into Singapore and London, we hope to help companies in the region expand their blockchain offerings and plug into our global standards organization,” says Craig Fuller, managing director of BiTA.

While the expanded mission is important to many members, the alliance stresses that trucking is still a primary focus.

“Expanding our focus and footprint is a reflection of a broader mission, but blockchain standards in trucking and road freight are still enormously important,” notes Burruss. “Seventy-five percent of all goods in North America are moved by truck, but as we focus on cross border and global trade, other modes such as maritime are far more prevalent. We are growing our team rapidly and expanded our infrastructure to focus on the evolution of the freight market.”

BiTA has received over 540 applicants to join the organization since announcing its creation in August 2017. It held its first meeting of members in Atlanta in mid-November and is planning to co-host an open conference in May 2018 and invites firms and people interested in FreightTech to attend. More information on the conference can be found at

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