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Blume Global to ‘democratize technology’ with CarrierGo Premium

Image: Blume Global

Blume Global’s latest solution on the digital supply chain platform aims to give small to midsize motor carriers an intuitive, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) to handle end-to-end business operations.

The Silicon Valley-based leader in global digital logistics announced the launch of Blume CarrierGo™ Premium during the FreightWaves virtual Carrier Summit Wednesday. Blume Global was the headline sponsor.

Blume CarrierGo Premium allows carriers to facilitate transactions from virtually anywhere. The system’s advanced programming digitizes many functions of the dispatch office, including work order management, fleet and driver management, dispatch, track and trace, contract management, as well as invoicing capabilities.

“Not only is it important that Blume Global provides a digital platform for our ocean and air freight forwarder customers, but we also wanted to make sure the motor carriers that haul for the forwarders are able to communicate digitally too,” Glenn Jones, Blume’s Global Vice President of Product Strategy, told FreightWaves.

Jones highlighted the challenges that continuously hinder smaller trucking companies. For instance, smaller carriers often find themselves unable to afford high-end trucking software, leaving them few options other than using Excel spreadsheets or other forms of manual record-keeping. This has become disadvantageous for carriers globally, especially as the logistics landscape continues to rapidly embrace digitalization.

“Blume CarrierGo Premium allows smaller and midsized trucking companies to compete with the bigger players on an even playing field,” Jones added. “They can transact digitally like the larger carriers and provide a higher level of service for their customers.”

Blume CarrierGo Premium follows the success of Blume CarrierGo, which launched in September 2019. The preceding platform offers motor carriers free access to transact on the Blume Global network worldwide spot market. With the addition of Premium, motor carriers can now utilize the digital platform to operate with users both within and outside of Blume’s network.

Jones attributed Blume Global’s objective with its Premium offering to “democratizing technology.” Blume states that users of its digital platform will have a greater chance of becoming a carrier of choice by providing exceptional customer service. Carriers can also attain more profitability through digitizing their manual processes, providing real-time visibility information to end customers and through their ability to participate in larger marketplaces.

“Digital supply chains enable users to collect the right data to make much better business decisions,” Jones said. “In times of crisis, such as the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, supply chains must be agile.”

Fleet managers can stay digitally connected with their drivers through the Blume CarrierGo mobile app for iOS/Android, which provides real-time tracking of each load in addition to capturing milestone events and proof-of-delivery information, according to Blume.

Blume Global encourages carriers to demo CarrierGo Premium by signing up for the free trial through their website

Jack Glenn

Jack Glenn is a sponsored content writer for FreightWaves and lives in Chattanooga, TN with his golden retriever, Beau. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business.