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BringgGreen offers retailers new tools for eco-friendly delivery

Suite of solutions from delivery and fulfillment platform Bringg introduces solutions for more sustainable delivery

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E-commerce’s growth is leading to more vehicles on roadways. The World Economic Forum predicts that 36% more delivery vehicles will be on city streets by 2030, and without intervention, urban last-mile delivery emissions and traffic congestion will increase 30% in the top 100 cities globally.

Retailers that are trying to appeal to a growing number of eco-friendly shoppers have few options to counteract this trend. Buying carbon offsets is one option, but another is working with providers to create greener solutions and more closely track emissions. Delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider Bringg has introduced a new tool for retailers, the BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice.

“Now is the time for retailers to invest in reducing their carbon footprint and do their part to help improve the quality of our global environment,” said Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg. “We have a corporate responsibility to reduce last-mile emissions by providing retailers and logistics providers with solutions to help meet their net-zero goals and we are proud to introduce BringgGreen to assist.”

The Sustainability Tech Practice offers solutions that focus on green fleet selection, carbon reporting, transparent internal and external sustainability communications, and business innovation, the company said. Bringg said the suite of tools was purpose built for retailers and their logistics partners and focus on ways to reduce carbon footprints in the last mile.

The program offers:

  • Routing solutions that optimize for lower fuel consumption.
  • Eco-friendly fleet selection for retailers that want to prioritize green vehicles.
  • Order batching to decrease routes driven.
  • 3D load optimization to ensure that delivery vehicles carry to full capacity.
  • Carbon-emission visibility and tracking to enable consumers to communicate preference for green delivery at checkout and to enable brands to notify the consumer about the carbon emission related to delivery.
  • Green last-mile best practices to help execute, track and report on CO2 emissions and number of green deliveries with predefined KPIs and real-time business intelligence.
  • Green ecosystem with Bringg’s Delivery Hub network.
  • Business innovation and education program that offers workshops on how to report and track CO2 savings to help retailers communicate metrics with consumers and incentivize sustainable behaviors.

“Retailers are facing an immense challenge in implementing a successful supply chain, especially when it comes to sustainability and fulfillment,” said Bloch. “Technology plays a major role in solving these challenges. BringgGreen is a proven, inherent solution on a modular platform that can help retailers gradually take on their sustainability initiatives, step by step. We look forward to the day where all companies are net-zero and sustainability practices are standard in corporate boardrooms and no longer a specialized goal.”

The Bringg Delivery Hub was introduced last month. In an interview with Modern Shipper, Niko Avrutov, vice president of alliances, described how Bringg’s customers are using the Delivery Hub to onboard and manage new last-mile fleets to meet customer demand.

“The Delivery Hub connects customers to our network of delivery partners to meet customers’ instant delivery needs,” he said. “Customers can integrate their systems into one control tower to optimize both planned and on-demand delivery models.”

On its cloud platform, Bringg customers have real-time visibility of its delivery agents to update customers on status and access data to make better inventory and warehousing decisions. Integrations with transportation management systems and customer relationship management platforms make the Delivery Hub a great tool for midsize to enterprise businesses that are looking to scale their technologies long term.

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In January, Bringg announced a partnership with Uber Direct (NYSE: UBER) to help online retailers ensure those orders are delivered safely and in a timely manner. Bloch told Modern Shipper that retailers with their own delivery fleets “can never be as efficient as crowdsourcing” delivery. That’s where the collaboration with Uber Direct comes in, allowing Bringg to offer its retail and brand customers access to a vast network of on-demand delivery options using Uber’s network.

Uber Direct is an expansion of Uber Eats, giving Uber drivers the opportunity for more miles and revenue through the delivery of goods from retailers.

Bringg is FreightWaves’ FreightTech 100 Award winner for 2021. The FreightTech 100 shines a spotlight on some of the most innovative companies across the industry.

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