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C3 Hive brings end-to-end visibility to warehouse managers

Yard management software touted as key to reducing driver dwell time

C3 Solutions has launched Hive. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Yard and dock management solutions provider C3 Solutions announced Tuesday the launch of C3 Hive, a web application that can be used by shippers and carriers to provide visibility into distribution center operations and last-mile deliveries.

“Supply chains are experiencing unparalleled challenges. At C3, we know that the trucking industry is the backbone of our global economy. By providing our customers with the ability to reduce driver dwell time for the carriers with which they partner, C3 Hive promotes stronger business practices and easily solves the need for advanced visibility and data-driven real-time communication,” said Greg Braun, chief revenue officer of C3 Solutions.

The new application will work alongside C3 Solutions existing technologies — C3 Reservations and C3 Yard.

C3 Reservations is the Montreal-based company’s online dock scheduling system, enabling carriers to make pickup and delivery appointments while measuring the carriers’ and vendors’ on-time compliance.

C3 Yard is a web-based application that gives yard managers visibility to its yard assets and yard driver tasks while considering incoming pickups and deliveries.

Combined with its new technology, Hive, warehouse managers will be able to integrate the three systems and better cope with everyday problems. 

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For example, if a driver is running late to an appointment, ELD systems will automatically update Hive and work on deliveries that are arriving earlier, as well as notify yard asset drivers who may have been waiting on those late deliveries.

“With Hive, there is this whole new dynamic for decision-making at a warehouse,” said Braun, who believes technology like this could dramatically improve drivers’ productivity by eliminating the dwell time incurred at docks.

“I read that if we could save drivers 18 minutes a day, we would not have a driver shortage problem. We think it’s possible to give them those 18 minutes just from time wasted at the warehouse alone,” he said.

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