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Chuck helps 6 River Systems land in FreightTech 25

Robot improves warehouse picking speed and accuracy

(Photo: 6 River Systems)

Warehouse automation provider 6 River Systems’ first product, Chuck, is a collaborative mobile robot built to improve picking speed and accuracy. That innovation helped 6 River Systems garner the No. 23 spot in FreightWaves’ FreightTech 25

6 River Systems has since expanded its range of products, now offering wall-to-wall fulfillment solutions for warehouses.

In the middle of the year, amid lockdowns due to the pandemic, 6 River Systems gained customers that needed its technology solutions in their warehouses. In an interview with FreightWaves, Fergal Glynn, vice president of marketing at 6 River Systems, said the company got creative to provide remote deployment for its robots. Engineers, who typically deployed robots on site for weeks or months, used cameras and virtual hangouts to help Chuck map each building and prepare for operations remotely, Glynn said.

Glynn shared that this peak season has been successful and calm. He credited the smooth operations to 6 River Systems’ extensive investments made during the summer to prepare for massive volumes in peak season.

“Our mission is to make fulfillment faster for our customers, and we do that with products that deliver both immediate and lasting value,” Glynn told FreightWaves.

Glynn said he is proud of the support and predictability that 6 River Systems gives its customers in over 70 warehouses today. He said the company is always “shoulder to shoulder” with customers to make sure that the solutions provided are delivering value for them. 

He said 6 River Systems is honored to be part of the FreightTech 25. The FreightWaves FreightTech award goes to the most innovative and disruptive companies in freight each year, making up the FreightTech 100. Judges made up of industry leaders, investors and CEOs then vote on those companies to decide the FreightTech 25.

In 2021, 6 River Systems will add more capabilities in its wall-to-wall solutions, Glynn said. He mentioned the growing trends toward micro fulfillment centers and said he is excited to see how the company works to make solutions available for operators in unique warehouses.

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