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Digital freight matching, quick payments focus of industry innovations (with video)

Companies show off products during final demo block

FreightWaves’ events are known for the high-energy, no-nonsense, rapid-fire demos. These demonstrations give industry movers and shakers an opportunity to showcase their latest innovations — in seven minutes flat.

Companies are tasked with creating quick and engaging presentations designed to capture a virtual audience. Presenters brought their best to the final demo block of FrightWaves’ free LIVE @HOME conference on Friday afternoon. 

Loadshop, McLeod Software, Samsara and TriumphPay told the audience about their latest ventures, closing out the conference on a high note. 


Loadshop presented its digital marketplace platform, designed to connect shippers and carriers directly. The tool’s simple and intuitive design gives companies a hassle-free way to connect and allows them to dictate their own terms and conditions.

The platform’s do-it-yourself approach allows shippers and carriers alike to maximize the benefits of any given shipment by eliminating hefty and opaque brokerage fees. 

“Economically, Loadshop produces a better result on transactional load opportunities. Loadshop is advantaged here because it charges a flat, transparent fee only when a match is made,” Loadshop founder and product leader Hunter Burke said.

The platform can be integrated into customers’ existing setups, and several customizable features allow the entire process to be as simple or sophisticated as the user desires. 

The combination of lower fees, increased opportunities and overall transparency creates an environment in which shippers end up paying less while carriers earn more from their spot transactions, creating a win-win scenario. 

McLeod Software

McLeod demonstrated its digital freight-matching offering. The service – born in partnership with Parade – allows users to unveil capacity that was previously hidden in a single person’s email in-box. 

McLeod’s digital freight-matching service is dedicated to pairing the right carrier with the right load, right now. This includes previously overlooked carriers that are sharing their equipment via email, according to Robert Brothers, McLeod Software’s vice president of product development. 

The heart of this matching service is aggregating available capacity, allowing users to analyze and manage potential capacity relationships, according to Parade co-founder and CEO Anthony Sutardja. The DFM interface also allows users to automate bookings, helping shippers and carriers alike get the most out of their loads.  

At its core, the focus on tapping into an inbound truck list email is what sets this digital freight-matching service apart from the rest.


Samsara offers a portfolio of industrial solutions designed to bring hardware and software together, streamlining processes and making communication more efficient. The company’s asset gateways and dashcams feed real-time data into the Samsara dashboard, keeping users up to date.

The company demonstrated how its customers have been using the platform as they pivot their business practices and adapt to life during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gabby Deocares, Samsara’s product marketing manager, said fleet managers have been using the platform to operate fleets efficiently while working remotely, manage fluctuating demand, maintain social distancing and protect drivers on the road. 

The platform is enabled with a hub that allows entire teams to find and access the information they’re looking for, including driver logs and detention reports. 

The Samsara driver app also allows drivers to digitally manage documents and signatures, streamlining their workflows and helping them keep their distance during this time.


TriumphPay is heavily invested in helping brokers and shippers pay carriers quickly and efficiently. One of the ways the company works to speed up this process is through digital paperwork submission. 

Carriers can submit paperwork to brokers and shippers instantaneously. With QuickPay, payment can then be immediately dispatched to the carrier. 

The company’s new Select Carrier platform gives member carriers even more perks – including access to support personnel to help with relationship management and a 2% or less QuickPay rate across the platform. The platform offers carriers fast payment with no long-term contracts and no charge-backs, as well as various product discounts. 

For brokers, utilizing this platform leads to simpler processes, higher QuickPay revenue and a happier network, according to TriumphPay Sales Manager Haley Evans. Ultimately, the tool aims to reconnect brokers with their carriers in a mutually beneficial manner.

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