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DSC chat: What does sustainability mean for supply chains?

Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand, Dynamic Ventures partner says

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This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ Domestic Supply Chain Summit on Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Exploring what sustainability means for supply chains — Net-Zero Carbon.

DETAILS: Supply chains are in the spotlight right now for inefficiencies that were exacerbated by COVID-19 and for being a large contributor to global carbon emissions. Danny Gomez, managing director of financial and emerging markets at FreightWaves, chats with Jon Bradford to explore what sustainability means in this context and how firms should be thinking about their roles in operating more environmentally sustainable businesses.

SPEAKER: Bradford is a partner at Dynamo Ventures.

BIO: Bradford previously was a founding partner of Motive Partners, a growth fund targeting financial technology businesses. He is also a co-founder of F6S, one of the world’s largest networks for entrepreneurs with over 2 million users, and he is a co-founder of, a European technology news website.


“Sustainability has only started to filter through in day-to-day language in a meaningful way, I think, since the start of the pandemic over the last 18 months.”

“The ratio of companies that are directly about sustainability versus those that are about efficiencies within the supply chain are a massive difference. I would probably say it’s about 5% versus 95%.”

“Sustainability and efficiency are actually hand in hand with each other and can actually have a real commercial value and be valuable on a bottom-line basis.”

“This is not optional. This is going to be a core part of how we think about our investments going forward. … We see this shift much more aggressively in Europe than we have in the U.S.”

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