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FourKites announces continued education and certification opportunity for logistics professionals

On Dec 4, FourKites announced a new learning platform and certification program aimed to allow customers to maximize the value of supply chain visibility.

This platform provides customers with a unique opportunity to continue education while encouraging ongoing learning in visibility-related topics for shippers. According to a press release from the company, FourKites’ goal is “to help partners and customers by maximizing the value of supply chain visibility while investing in the logistics community by building technical competencies in a learning environment.”

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) endorses FourKites’ certification as part of its continuing education program. FourKites’ learning platform classes and certification will count as part of the CSCMP continuing education requirements for its own certification process.

“By better understanding the FourKites platform and the value of interconnectivity, both within and outside their organization, FourKites-certified logistics professionals can optimize their end-to-end supply chain” said FourKites COO Stephanie to Kolaczynski .

For five years, FourKites has enabled real-time visibility, giving shippers access to actionable data that improves on-time delivery and delegation of supply chains based on predictive insight.

FourKites tracks more than 600,000 shipments each day with a network that now includes over 380 shippers, including 18 of the top-20 food and beverage companies and nine of the top-10 retail companies in the U.S. 

By calculating shipment arrival times with a proprietary algorithm, FourKites helps customers lower the cost of operation, improve timely performance and strengthen relationships with their customers.

Spanning millions of GPS/ELD devices, FourKites covers all transportation modes, including truckload, less-than truckload, ocean, rail, intermodal, last mile and parcel.

“Today’s logistics and supply chain management professionals must always be learning, as our discipline is continually growing, evolving and taking advantage of the opportunities and tools that are developed,” said Rick Blasgen, president and CEO of CSCMP.

“CSCMP is the premier association for this discipline,” he continued, “and it is our obligation to keep abreast of the latest in our field. We will always bring the best education to our members, and we are proud to partner with FourKites to bring that education to more supply chain professionals.”

The courses will include in-depth lessons, giving participants the ins and outs of load tracking, integration and visibility tools for success. Further, the self-paced lessons include notification rules and analytics dashboards.

Participants are able to select the classes that spark their interest. To earn FourKites Certification, participants must complete four of the six modules provided.

“Collaboration is the next frontier in supply chain management, and a robust community is vital to facilitating productive collaboration. This new online certification program is open to anyone in the FourKites community who wants to be on the cutting edge of innovation,” to Kolaczynski said.

While initially focusing on shippers, the learning platform will be followed in early 2020 with lessons designed specifically for carriers and third-party logistics providers.