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FreightWaves acquires ELD Ratings; relaunches as FreightWaves Ratings

ELDs and dashcams are the first products on the site

A page view from the new FreightWaves Ratings site.

FreightWaves announces the acquisition of ELD Ratings and a rebranding of the site as FreightWaves Ratings. FreightWaves Ratings is a consumer-driven review/rating site of commercial products for the freight industry. Reviews are written by in-house experts while ratings are user-generated by industry professionals who have purchased and are using the products. 

“FreightWaves Ratings cuts through the noise of freight technology product reviews and specification comparisons to make you a smarter buyer,” said FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller. “FreightWaves Ratings empowers and informs transportation professionals by simplifying the product research process. FreightWaves Ratings offers professional reviews on products and services used in supply chain, freight, logistics and fleet management.” 

While multiple sources rate various products, there is not a single source of information, ratings or reviews for the freight market. “FreightWaves acquired ELD Ratings because it had successfully created a framework in the ELD market that we liked and are therefore expanding,” explained FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller. “Since the acquisition, FreightWaves has added dashboard cameras [dashcams] and will soon add truck/equipment financing. We plan to add over a dozen product categories in the next year to FreightWaves Ratings.”

A page from the FreightWaves Ratings site showing various ELDs.

Fuller added, “The goal is for FreightWaves Ratings to become a go-to site for reviews and ratings of products that owners of trucking and logistics companies can use when they are selecting new vendors for their fleet or operations.” 

FreightWaves Ratings can be found under the “Ratings” heading at the top of the website. The site can also be reached at

“As the key source of news, analysis and opinion for the freight and logistics industries,  FreightWaves is proud to introduce FreightWaves Ratings as a new offering for the commercial transportation industry,” Fuller said. “We want this site to provide the information needed to enable smart decisions.”

How FreightWaves Ratings works

FreightWaves Ratings is a community site, created by and for members of the commercial transportation industry. There are numerous vendors of these products/services; all of them promote their particular product as the best. With FreightWaves Ratings, now there is a central resource for the industry to learn about the products/services and evaluate the various options. FreightWaves Ratings brings users the products that best fit fleet management requirements and budgetary considerations. 

FreightWaves invites users to write reviews and rate products/services based on their experiences with them. The primary review for each product is written by FreightWaves staff; ratings are generated using comments and feedback from experienced users of that product. Although these opinions are their own, FreightWaves believes the insight of expert users will be valuable to everyone evaluating the products.

So if you have used an ELD, dashcam or other products that will be added in the near-term, go to the FreightWaves Ratings review page, find the specific product, and write your own review with your own star rating. FreightWaves wants to know what you think. 

The goal of FreightWaves Ratings is to provide information buyers need to make decisions on products that provide the greatest returns on investment. 

About FreightWaves

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