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FreightWaves LIVE: U.S. Xpress launches driver development program

Image: Jonathan Smith

Over the last year, U.S. Xpress has transformed its driver development program, transitioning development from a traditional classroom-style program to an advanced multi-platform ongoing career development center. The new Professional Driver Development program, which made its debut Tuesday morning, uses the best learning and development principles available, and is designed with input from truck driving professionals. The idea is to equip their drivers with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a lifetime of, and millions of miles of, successful driving.

“U.S. Xpress’ Professional Driver Development program showcases the Company’s continued commitment to a better quality of life for drivers, and establishes us as an industry leader as we continue to transform how we manage our operations, technology, and safety procedures,” said CEO Eric Fuller. “Between our ‘Full Ride’ scholarship program, first day medical benefits, and advanced truck technology, we are giving our greatest assets, our drivers, the tools to further grow and develop professionally.”

U.S. Xpress is the largest carrier to begin implementing a competency-aligned simulator program that includes integration of industry-first technology including E-logs, lane keep assist, collision mitigation and augmented reality. The program provides drivers with three to six in-person development sessions, leverages hours of simulator programs which integrate industry-leading technology, and allows new and veteran drivers several hours of competency-aligned driving range practice. It also features over 150 videos and more than 200 commercial motor vehicle learning points, and teaches drivers how to manage ELDs and other devices as the industry trends increasingly toward technology.