Lytx democratizes customer data with new integration network

Network includes partnerships with Idelic, Locus and CarriersEdge

The telematics company Lytx introduced on Tuesday its partnership ecosystem, the Lytx Integration Network, to democratize data and analytics for its customers.

“What is required for us to get that data and create safety systems is a lot of contextual information that’s valuable for other third parties. We have created this technology stack that does a great job delivering our products,” said Frank Schneider, director of strategic partnership and integrations at Lytx. “In the past, we haven’t been so great about being able to allow our customers to leverage that data in ways that will benefit them directly.”

Lytx has spent the past year working with its customers to create the Lytx Integration Network, a group of integration partners that customers can easily incorporate into their workflow.  

“The list of integrations demonstrates a pivot in our strategic goals as a company to work more broadly in our customers’ favor,” said Schneider. “We can now partner with best-in-class solutions in various product categories in order to build out more customer value.”

Lytx currently has a number of integration partners already set up in its network, including driver management software company Idelic, routing optimizer Locus and driver training provider CarriersEdge. The company plans to expand its integrations into fleet management tools, electronic logging devices, dispatching software, driver messaging and supply chain visibility solutions.

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The Lytx Integration Network will also address industry verticals like parcel delivery, beverage distribution, government, compliance services and transit routing, currently available through the application BusWhere.

“There is a great network effect we have created for our clients,” said Schneider. “Integrating them with Idelic and CarriersEdge creates a really strong solution for a carrier to be able to comprehensively manage drivers’ risk. We would not have got there without opening up our siloed data and making it available to third parties.”

Another goal of the network is to help enhance vehicles to transform operations and culture for fleet managers and drivers.

“An enterprise carrier can have five to fifteen different applications that they need to work with every day,” explained Schneider. “This is difficult for any human to operate. Having all these applications nested into the dashboard of a single application that you are used to operating makes their day less mentally intensive.”

“Vehicles are continuing to become more connected,” he said. “They are all going to be fully instrumented with LIDAR and other technologies. So why does someone like Lytx need to provide them with a black box? The answer is we don’t. So when we start contemplating an integration network, we need to provide solutions not only for our current systems today, but for the future where our system might actually be more virtual through layers of applications.”

The Lytx Integration Network is just in its beginning phases and with more customer consulting, Schneider plans to add new partners to meet more of its clients’ technology solutions.

“This [current list of integrations] by no means represents the end of the story. Our new mission has just started,” said Schneider. “We are improving in areas like the driver’s in-cab experience, and that will be a natural area of focus in terms of upcoming integrations and partnerships.”

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