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Idelic provides A&R Logistics with ‘one-stop shop’ for driver management

Safety Suite software integrates fleet management systems

Idelic partners with A&R Logistics to improve fleet management systems (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

A&R Logistics will get a holistic view of driver operations by employing Idelic’s Safety Suite.

A&R, a supply chain services company with a niche in the chemical industry, announced its partnership with Idelic, a software company that focused on trucking safety and operations, Wednesday. Utilizing Safety Suite will enable A&R to gain visibility into the driver operations of its recent acquisitions.

A&R Logistics acquired First Choice Logistics and L.T. Harnett Trucking in 2020 and Luckey Trucking in April. The consolidated fleet is made up of about 1,000 drivers.

“I looked at a lot of different systems and Idelic really stood out,” said Dionne Quiachon, A&R’s chief environmental, health, safety and security officer, in an interview with FreightWaves. “It was the only platform that would feed all of our third-party data into one spot where you have a one-stop shop for managers and senior leadership to really manage the drivers and use predictive models to get ahead of potential risk.”

Idelic’s Safety Suite is a comprehensive platform that connects all fleet data systems into one single location and gives management teams visibility into driver behavior and safety. With this technology, trucking companies can help prevent driver turnover, future crashes and lower insurance costs over time.

“We bring in ELD data, cameras, HR, training systems, and more” said Matt Stalford, a digital communications specialist with Idelic. “It creates a centralized command center for your data where you can act on that data, which is huge and can have massive implications in driver management.”

Quiachon explained the importance of being able to use Safety Suite to give feedback to drivers who are looking to excel in their field, leading to greater driver retention, a problem that has plagued the industry.

“I truly believe that every driver wants to be the best driver,” she said. “With this system we can help them do that. We can show them: ‘Here is where you are really doing great and here’s your areas of opportunity to get better.’ [With Safety Suite] we can coach them, we can teach them and we can train them and all of that is documented within the system.”

The system also holds all compliance documentation and can predict areas that need attention prior to becoming an issue.

“You can receive notifications of when a driver’s CDL is 90 to 30 days out from expiring,” said Stalford. “Then you can reach out to that driver and let them know, ‘Hey, make sure you stop and get this renewed on time.’”

A&R Logistics plans to continue to grow and add new drivers and staff, and Quiachon is confident in continuing that growth with the new platform.

“I am super excited about having one single platform, because to me, that’s just the foundation for A&R as we grow,” she said.

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