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Net-Zero Carbon recap: Data could be key to decarbonization

Companies still questioning whether they need primary data

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This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ Net-Zero Carbon Summit.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Using data to drive emission reduction

DETAILS: Emissions reporting and carbon account can seem complicated and burdensome. But to accurately report and plan for the future, the industry needs better data. Jakob Muus and Tyler Cole, director of carbon intelligence at FreightWaves, discuss the value of granular data to unlock future efficiency gains and emissions reductions.

SPEAKER: Muus is the founder and CEO of Tracks.

BIO: Muus spent five and a half years in strategic innovation in the Volkswagen Group and in Volkswagen Financial Services. Between 2008 and 2012, he founded three successful ventures in Denmark and Germany. Muus left the Volkswagen Group in September 2017 to begin the project that would become Tracks. He founded Tracks in January 2018.


“We have a whole world that is trying to lower carbon dioxide on all operations, and one of the most difficult ones even to measure, let alone lower carbon dioxide in, is transport.”

“Some companies are still asking the question, ‘Do we need primary data?’ But we have seen the companies, especially shippers and logistics service providers, have started to realize that you have two big problems if you measure carbon dioxide emissions just based on per-ton kilometer that we call the default data. One big problem is an overcalculation. You have to overestimate if you want to … follow the GLEC framework. According to this framework, you need to overcalculate [emissions] or calculate conservatively if you don’t know anything about the vehicle.”

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