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Project44, Tracks team up to gauge hard-to-measure transportation emissions

FreightWaves’ Tyler Cole lauds ‘promising trend’ on path to zero-emission freight

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Project44 has partnered with Tracks, a Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC)-approved tracking technology provider, to help customers gain clearer insights on their emissions.

Announced Thursday, the partnership aims to achieve greener supply chains for project44 customers by adding Tracks’ carbon emissions data to project44’s global supply chain visibility platform.

Many companies are trying to get an accurate picture of their supply chain emissions (scope 3), but that can be difficult because scope 3 emissions are by definition outside of a company’s direct control. And measuring emissions is a critical first step as companies strive to meet ambitious emission-reduction targets, which climate scientists say is necessary to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

“Up to 60% of a company’s global emissions are supply chain-related. Unfortunately, inaccurate, and hard-to-get data makes measuring transportation emissions quite the hurdle. The sustainability solution from project44 will enable our customers to have the most accurate CO2 measuring and with that reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. The partnership with Tracks combines our leadership in transportation data with their leadership in emissions calculation,” Christian Piller, vice president of research and sustainability at project44, said in a release.

Project44’s platform will now provide “highly accurate and granular visibility of transportation emissions” to customers using Tracks’ technology, according to the release.

“When trying to reduce emissions within supply chains, it’s difficult to move beyond baseline estimates and emission factors. Leading firms need trade-lane or shipment-level visibility of logistics emissions to reliably manage and reduce emissions. This data partnership is a really promising trend for the industry as we pursue zero-emission freight,” said Tyler Cole, director of carbon intelligence at FreightWaves.

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After understanding where supply chain emissions currently come from, companies can start to manage and reduce them. Project44’s more than 1,000 customers, including companies such as Amazon, Unilever and Evian, will be able to access emissions visibility data and reporting in the Visibility Operations Center. 

Project44’s supply chain platform will soon provide workflow solutions such as emissions-based tendering to help sustainability efforts.

“We have spent four years developing an emissions tracking technology that responds to the needs of the transportation industry. Our partnership with project44 will help us to take our accurate emissions management solutions to market on a large scale,” Muus said.

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