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Real-time visibility helps brokers stay ahead in strained market

Trucker Tools provides insights needed to thrive

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Finding capacity has been a challenge for shippers throughout the year. As peak season drags on, those challenges are only becoming more intense. Relying on traditional capacity-sourcing techniques during this time is likely to leave shippers and brokers frustrated, dealing with everything from sky high rates to completely nonexistent capacity. 

On the other hand, brokers with access to real-time visibility insights into both in-transit shipments and available trucks can know precisely when and where trucks are available. This opens up quick access to a significant amount of capacity that would otherwise be taken by competitors or left unutilized altogether. When brokers are able to provide truckers with the right loads at the right time, they are ultimately able to better manage the capacity shortage for their shipper customers.  

“In order to be able to provide an awesome experience for shippers, brokers need to be able to understand and intervene on all their deliveries,” Trucker Tools Chief Revenue Officer Jesse Buckingham said. “The second piece is having the insights necessary to match freight. Visibility data enables brokers to find carriers for loads more efficiently, offering carriers high-value freight and cutting down on one load wonders.”

When brokers utilize the real-time visibility and digital freight matching capabilities offered to them by third-party partners like Trucker Tools, they are also able to position themselves as brokers of choice. These brokers save truckers time when finding their next loads by understanding their needs and preferences from the beginning, thus providing them with consistent high-quality loads.

Given how difficult it is to source capacity in today’s market – as well as the growing importance of visibility throughout the supply chain – it is not surprising to see more visibility and predictive freight matching tools entering the scene. These tools can offer exceptional value to brokers, shippers and carriers, but companies should be selective when choosing new partners. Contrary to what many may assume, these solution providers are not all the same.

“One of the core differences between available solutions is whether or not the digital freight matching platform has real-time insight into carrier availability status,” Buckingham said. “We have a wide network of drivers and carriers, allowing us to use that data to gain a high level of understanding. This enables highly accurate insights into availability.”

Having accurate real-time carrier availability insights is an essential element of what makes these types of digital tools useful. With lagging or inaccurate information in this area, performance is unlikely to exceed that seen with traditional capacity-sourcing methods.

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