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Small Fleet recap: Put That Coffee Down talks mission-critical freight

High-value mission-critical business requires the right partners

Source: FreightWaves

On this episode of Put That Coffee Down, Kevin Hill invites Evan Burna from DeSpir Logistics to the show to discuss how hauling specialized and mission-critical cargo is a fantastic way to protect your small fleet from the volatility in the average dry van market. 

It takes the expertise, certificates, tools and, of course, the right partners to keep your wheels turning and premium rates coming in the door. Burna explains how that is accomplished.

Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill is the executive publisher at FreightWaves, where he formerly served as director of editorial and research. Kevin is also the host of Put That Coffee Down, the popular freight sales podcast, a former freight broker and the founder of CarrierLists. Kevin holds an MBA from the University of Oklahoma.