March 13-17: The Week in Trucking

Driverless truck

There is plenty of news that happens in the trucking industry each week and no one news outlet can possibly cover it all. In an effort to provide our readers with a balance of news and information, FreightWaves intends to provide a look back each Friday at some of the stories that caught our eyes during that week.

If you see something interesting during the week, feel free to share it with us at We may feature it in our Week in Trucking. Enjoy!

Are truck drivers going extinct?

Are the days of the truck driver over, or is the job just changing? More truckers are preparing for the day of the driverless truck. (Supply Chain 247)

Read: Truckers prepare for era of driverless trucks

What does the future hold?

As technology continues to drive change in the trucking industry, Daimler executive Wilfried Achenbach talked about those changes and what the future holds for the industry. (Fleet Owner)

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Meet Freight Alley, the epicenter of freight movement

More than 80% of the freight in the U.S. moves through this one region of the country, and it’s probably not one of the areas that comes to mind first. Meet Freight Alley.  (FreightWaves)

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 Shippers get a breather from rising rates

After rising a week earlier, shippers have caught a little break as spot truckload freight rates declined slightly last week.  (CCJ)

Read: Spot truckload freight rates ease slightly following jump

China to Trump: Don’t start a trade war with us!

China has delivered a new warning to the Trump administration about starting a trade war and even went so far as painting itself as a leader globalization. (Transport Topics)

Read: China cautions U.S. against a trade war

Daimler unveils long-awaited medium-duty engine

Continuing to build upon its new medium-duty engine platform, Daimler took the wraps off its new DD8 medium-duty engine at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. (Fleet Owner)

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