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Open Visibility Network adds weather insights with new partnership

WeatherOptics partnership used to predict weather disruptions ‘days in advance’

Tive partners with WeatherOptics for its visibility network. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

In-transit insight solutions provider Tive announced last week a partnership between WeatherOptics and the Open Visibility Network (OVN), a program that collaboratively shares shipment data among shippers, logistics providers and customers to improve transportation visibility.

After collaborating with the weather intelligence company, Tive and its OVN partnerships’ customers will be able to make supply chain choices leveraging weather data from routing and service providers including HERE, TomTom, Google and Trimble.

“The goal of WeatherOptics is to simplify companies’ understanding of weather impact on key logistics operations. We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to get powerful insights that allow for improved decision-making before, during and after disruptive weather events,” said WeatherOptics CEO and co-founder Scott Pecoriello. 

“As weather becomes more volatile and we continue to expand our network of logistics companies, joining the Open Visibility Network will allow for further collaboration with some of the most innovative supply chain companies in the world,” said Pecoriello.

According to Tive, using weather data contributed within OVN, customers can now identify possible freight disruptions due to weather days in advance, enabling partners in OVN to communicate the issue to their customers and provide up-to-date ETAs.

WeatherOptics has become the eighth contributor to the partnership, joining a list of visibility partners including Tive, project44, FourKites, TransVoyant, MarineTraffic, Everstream Analytics and Cloudleaf.  

“The Open Visibility Network is growing with incredible velocity and benefits customers all over the globe, and all the participants have had immediate benefits from the community we are building,” said Tive CEO and founder Krenar Komoni. 

“As Tive trackers are deployed on thousands of shipments worldwide every day helping carriers and logistics service providers understand the exact location and condition of their loads, we are excited to see WeatherOptics join this powerful community of the world’s best visibility solutions providers to help our mutual customers further improve the resilience and agility of their supply chains.”

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