Today’s Pickup: Shifting infrastructure burden to states, private corporations

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After months of talking about his $1 trillion infrastructure improvement plan, President Donald Trump is finally set to unveil more details on the proposal today. According to the New York Times, that plan will include less federal government investment and more funds coming from states and private industry.

“The federal government would make only a fractional down payment on rebuilding the nation’s aging infrastructure. Mr. Trump would rely on a combination of private industry, state and city tax money, and borrowed cash to finance the rest,” the Times writes.

The plan will also call for privatization of the nation’s air traffic control system, which will serve as an example of the plan, the Times notes.

Did you know?

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates it will cost more than $3.3 trillion to maintain and repair the nation’s infrastructure at current levels over the next ten years. At current funding levels, the group estimates a $1.4 trillion funding gap.


“We do not see a point in the near future where there will be driverless trucks on the road. But the technology that will be needed for fully autonomous trucks is the technology needed for today's trucks — everything from active braking to lane control to active cruise control to driver attentiveness monitoring.”

- Roger Nielsen, DTNA CEO

In other news:

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Supply chain security getting a blockchain boost

Three shipping companies are among the first to test a new Australian-developed blockchain that is said to provide military-grade security for supply chains. (Logistics & Materials Handling)

President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan would reduce federal dollars, but it may not reduce tax burdens. More state and city investment would require higher local taxes and any private company investing will require some kind of return on that investment, perhaps tolls? More details need to be known before we know if this is a good approach to improving our roads.

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