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ACI Logistix improving consumer experience through speed, innovation

Small-parcel logistics company stands out among big-name final-mile providers

Five to 10 years ago, if delivery drivers were not wearing brown, purple or white, there would be cause for concern. Today, thanks to gig workers and big names like Amazon, consumers pay little attention to who brings packages to their door, as long as the process is consistent and seamless. Companies like ACI Logistix are using this broader approach to delivery as leverage in building their businesses.

As technology continues to advance and more consumers shop online, retail and e-commerce companies are looking for ways to reinforce brand loyalty through faster shipping and better visibility — and at a lower cost. 

ACI Logistix is a leading e-commerce and small-parcel logistics company. Based in Long Beach, California, ACI positions itself as a partner first, using industry collaboration to customize client solutions that best resonate with consumers, branching into work sharing throughout the delivery process. In a fast-paced and advanced industry like logistics, few companies can excel at everything, which makes ACI’s approach all the more appealing.

“We embrace our clients’ technological and operational advancements — we design solutions that best leverage their strengths,” said Kevin Collins, president of ACI Logistix. “Our expertise allows for optionality — our client solutions evolve as we help them to see opportunities to participate and be more visible to their consumers, to view the process as a competitive advantage.”

While big-name parcel carriers offer one-size-fits-all services, ACI Logistix’s mission is to provide customers speed and savings with an enhanced consumer experience. 

Given the option at checkout, consumers tend to favor the “free” or least expensive delivery option. This creates a conundrum for direct-to-consumer shippers: either reduce cost with a deferred or delayed transportation option or improve the consumer experience with a faster yet more expensive option. 

“Delivery speed and economical shipping are not mutually exclusive,” Collins said. “Our combination of growth-fueled scale and innovation through the first, middle and final mile gives our clients the benefit of both.”

One example is ACI’s unique partnership with the U.S. Postal Service. Unlike other postal consolidators, ACI built a national network that injects parcels solely at local post offices.  Known as DDUs (destination delivery units), this is the fastest and most comprehensive option in the final mile as opposed to other upstream injection points, which tend to slow down the time in transit and increase the cost.

“By definition a consolidator builds critical mass to offset rising trucking and fuel costs, creating inherent delays,” said Jaris Briski, senior vice president of operations at ACI. “That isn’t how we operate. Speed is essential. It isn’t enough to have 100% DDU coverage. We go further with unique strategies to optimize speed in the final mile.”

Already in 2022 ACI has announced facility expansions, more hub automation and a commitment to capacity.

“We emerged from peak 2021 victorious with record volumes and transit speed,” Collins said. “We continue to invest heavily in our clients, teammates, automation and technology.”