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Canadian town wins another court battle against illegal trucking operation

The town of Caledon said they have identified about 180 illegal trucking operations in the community. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

The Canadian town of Caledon, Ontario, continues to aggressively target suspected illegal trucking operations in the community.

Caledon won a legal battle Monday against a trucking company known as 2423274 Ontario Inc., which was found guilty by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice of operating contrary to the town’s zoning bylaws.

The court ruled that the land was being used as an illegal trucking yard and storage facility despite being zoned for agricultural use. The court imposed a fine of $25,000 against the defendant and $50,000 against its corporation, 2423274 Ontario Inc., resulting in a total fine of $75,000. 

“We are pleased the courts continue to recognize the impact of bylaw violations and impose the appropriate penalties,” Caledon Mayor Annette Groves said in a news release

Caledon officials said complaints from residents about the trucking operation led city staff to investigate the property. 

“With the assistance of residents who report suspected illegal activity, we can reduce the effects of illegal trucking in Caledon to ensure the safety of residents and motorists,” Mark Sraga, Caledon’s director of building and municipal law enforcement, said in a statement.

Caledon, population 76,581, is located about 40 miles north of Toronto in the region of Peel, which is considered the heart of the trucking industry in the area. 

It is the latest illegal trucking operation in the Caledon area taken to court this year. In March, an illegal trucking operator was shut down and fined $45,000. In January, two separate trucking companies were shut down after a court ruled they broke the town’s zoning bylaws on land use. 

Caledon officials said they have identified more than 180 properties with suspected illegal trucking operations in the town and that they intend to go after all of them. Since 2020, owners of 57 properties have been charged with illegal truck parking and storage in the town.

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  1. Richard Smith

    So they don’t want the goods the trucks deliver either then there would not be these operations happening if they had the infrastructure in place for these trucks and drivers to park in the first place pretty soon they are just going to tell them to stuff it and get there groceries and other items from towns and cities that support them.

  2. Hank Shraeder

    I wonder how many of these companies that were fined were just simple O/Os or the beginnings of a fleet (eg, 2-3 trucks and trailers, not exactly a big fleet).

    The people in the town make it sound like Megas were building a new yard every night to try and hide from the law, and keep up with all the trucks coming just to idle their engines (presumably).

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