Today’s Pickup: Congestion costs industry $63.4B

NYC traffic jam

Good morning. Hope the roads are clear where you are today. As it turns out, that is not often the case for many of us. The American Transportation Research Institute reported that congestion on U.S. roadways cost the trucking industry $63.4 billion in 2015 and resulted in 996 million hours of lost productivity, which is equal to 362,243 truck drivers sitting idle for an entire year.

Did you know?

According to the Diesel Technology Forum, it would take the emissions from 60 trucks today to equal the emissions discharge from just one truck in 1988.


“Congestion-related costs continue to rise and impact our supply chains. A five-minute delay for each UPS vehicle, every day, costs UPS $105 million annually in additional operating costs.”

- Rich McArdle, president of UPS Freight

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In other news:

Rock bottom prices

A glut of used trucks on the market has been driving down prices for some time, but new data from J.D. Power suggests the market may be hitting a bottom. That is good news for fleets who have been holding on to their vehicles longer because of the low prices. (CCJ)

How a map saved NAFTA

Words can say a thousands words. But a picture can save a treaty. According to reports, President Donald Trump was ready to cancel the U.S.’s participating in NAFTA until he saw a map of the areas in the U.S. that would be most affected. That visual changed his mind. (Supply Chain Brain)

Werner goes the final mile

Joining other truckload carriers, Werner Enterprises has announced it is adding a last-mile delivery service. Werner Final Mile will deliver heavier goods such as mattresses, furniture, and appliances. (Transport Topics)

Tired of the same old job?

Truck drivers who think they are tired may be suffering from another malady – burnout. Researchers believe that some drivers may feel physically tired, but are actually feeling burnout, which includes symptoms such as being tired, holding cynicism about your job, or doubting your skills. There is no easy cure, either. (Fleet Owner)

Environmental showdown

A group of more than 150 California businesses have signed a letter urging the state to continue down its path to reducing carbon emissions through stricter environmental regulations, setting up a possible showdown with the Trump administration which has directed the EPA to stop enforcing such rules. (Press-Enterprise)

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