Today’s Pickup: Massive cyber attack hits FedEx

A massive cyber attack struck companies across the globe on Friday. FedEx is one of the firms that confirmed it had been affected.

A massive cyber attack struck companies across the globe on Friday. FedEx is one of the firms that confirmed it had been affected.

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It comes with names like Retail Apocalypse. Death of Retail. The Demise of Shoppers. What is isn’t is any of these. FreightWaves published a story on Friday on retail freight and we learned some surprising things along the way – namely, that will all the announced store closings in recent years, the amount of retail freight is not declining. It’s just moving to different locations. You can read more about that here: How retail trends are reshaping freight movement.

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The death of retail is grossly overstated. While there have been nearly 3600 retail store closings announced so far in 2017, there have also been nearly 2900 store openings announced?


“Whether it’s made in America or not, nobody ever goes to the train station to buy things. It’s got to get to where it needs to go and it’s got to get there on a truck.”

-David Heller, vice president of governmental affairs for the Truckload Carriers Association, on the role trucks play in a growing ecommerce society.

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Sorry Mom, your gift was hacked

FedEx’s U.S. operations got caught up in the massive cyber attack that happened on Friday. The company said it was “experiencing interference with some of our Windows-based systems caused by malware.” There was no word on any package delays, but now you have something to blame for forgetting to get your mother a gift for Mother’s Day.  (Transport Topics)

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Ontruck hits the money road

Trucking startup firm Ontruck has secured $10 million in funding from a variety of venture capital firms. Ontruck is seeking to develop software that makes it easier and more transparent to ship goods. The investment once again proves that trucking tech startups may be the hottest thing to hit the pavement – that is until the next heatwave. (TechCrunch)

Annual convoy celebrates mothers

The 28th annual Mother’s Day Truck Convoy rolled through Lancaster, PA, on Sunday. The convoy benefits the Make-A-Wish foundation in Pennsylvania and this year drew over 500 trucks. The Honorary World’s Greatest Mom title went to every mom in attendance, organizers announced. (Fox43)

The printer took our load

Known for its computers, HP is also building 3-D printers. Last week, the company announced that it will start selling those printers to manufacturers for “mass manufacturing” applications that include printing of tens of thousands of parts. The next time a trucking company loses a haul, it may be because of a 3-D printer. (Supply Chain Brain)

The Mother of all Ships arrives on East Coast

The years-long project to expand the Panama Canal was expected to produce more cargo deliveries along the East Coast of the U.S. That happened last week when the Cosco Development ship, among the largest of all cargo ships in the world, docked at three ports on the East Coast. It’s a new era for East Coast shipping. (Fleet Owner)

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