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EFS: Exploring SkyBitz’s role in shift to 4G

How companies need to utilize technology and move away from outdated 3G networks

This tech talk was part of FreightWaves’ Enterprise Fleet Summit on Wednesday.

TECH TALK TOPIC: Strategies and tactics for the 3G sunset

DETAILS: Anthony Smith, strategic executive producer and lead economist at FreightWaves, chats with Anton Albrand of SkyBitz. As the industry moves to 4G LTE, now is the time to evaluate strategy to ensure hardware availability and future connectivity.

SPEAKER: Albrand is the division VP and chief revenue officer at SkyBitz.

BIO: Over the past two decades, Albrand has worked in a variety of industries, including wireless communications, transportation and logistics, consumer products, private equity and software as a service. He has held senior management positions with such companies as Ryder System, Nextel, Crocs and Privateer Holdings.


“5G is a ways out, it’s going to be a 10- to 15-year development process. In the meantime, we are going to operate on 4G LTE networks, which as the name suggests, LTE stands for long-term evolution, and we’re going to be on this network for quite a while.”

“You really want to have a company that’s been through this, that’s done sunsets before, understands the complexity of it, that has planned for this already on your behalf and has the wherewithal to do it. What I mean by that is you’ve built the organization, you have the capital to support the inventory needs and you’ve already gotten ahead in terms of the methodology and the project management standpoint how to take a plan and put it in action.”

“I would strongly urge companies that haven’t already planned for this to start planning right now, this minute. It’s that important, it’s that urgent and there’s no time to wait at this point. It is only going to get harder to implement the longer the clock ticks.”

Kaylee Nix

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