Fantasy sports supply chains and double-brokering bandits

With fantasy football season set to kick off, it’s time for Dooner and The Dude  to get TrophySmack’s Matt Walsh back on the show to talk about the supply chain behind the awards for the greatest office competition known to man.

FreightCaviar’s Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski takes us inside the world of double brokering and he may even have Armchair Attorney Matthew Leffler by his side to keep it all legal.

Reliance Partners’ Robert Kaferle gets us up to speed on everything you need to know about brake safety week.

Plus, trucker crushed by load seeks support; woman run over at truckstop; Tesla Semi gets fresh coat of paint; tallest building in the world’s poop truck problem; when you order cigars but get TN license plates; flying port-a-potty

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Timothy Dooner

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