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How did truckers in kidnapping cases go free so easily? — Long-Haul Crime Log

Two drivers charged with abducting women secured their own releases with relative ease

It’s a troubling case: Two truck drivers accused of kidnapping women and then forcing them into prostitution or holding them for ransom. Yet somehow, suspects Brian T. Summerson, 25, and Pierre Washington, 35, were able to secure their own freedom relatively easily during two points of the investigation by the FBI. 

In the latest episode of FreightWaves’ true-crime podcast, Long-Haul Crime Log, co-host and investigative reporter Clarissa Hawes looks into the case and the uncomfortable questions that the FBI wouldn’t answer.

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She also looks into the drivers themselves and their activities in the trucking industry. That includes the company Washington owns, God Got Me.  

Joining Hawes in the episode: co-host and producer Nate Tabak.

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Nate Tabak

Nate Tabak is a Toronto-based journalist and producer who covers cybersecurity and cross-border trucking and logistics for FreightWaves. He spent seven years reporting stories in the Balkans and Eastern Europe as a reporter, producer and editor based in Kosovo. He previously worked at newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the San Jose Mercury News. He graduated from UC Berkeley, where he studied the history of American policing. Contact Nate at