How rail got derailed, Haul Stars and surviving CDL school

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are celebrating Truck Driver Appreciation Week with Convoy’s founder and Chief Experience Officer Grant Goodell. He’s here to talk TDAW, Haul Stars, ride-alongs and getting fleets paid faster.

Is a rail strike coming and how did we get here in the first place? FreightWaves Editorial Director Rachel Premack tells us how it all went off the rails.

Back The Truck Up’s team drivers Rooster and Super Trucker spill the tea on surviving CDL school, why drivers quit, impacts of a potential rail strike on trucking, Juggalo ambition and much more.  

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Timothy Dooner

Dooner is an award-winning podcaster, content producer and host who is currently the director of audio at FreightWaves and the creative director of Back The Truck Up. In under a year he helped build FreightCasts, the world’s largest logistics and supply chain podcast network in media. He produces and co-hosts the hit podcast and FreightWavesTV show, WHAT THE TRUCK?!? WTT is ranked in Apple Podcasts top-20 Business News podcasts. He also writes a newsletter of the same title with over 10k subscribers in the supply chain and trucking niche. Dooner has been in freight since 2005 and has held directors positions in operations, sales, consulting, and marketing. He has worked with FedEx, Reebok, Adidas, L.L. Bean, Hasbro, Louis Vuitton, and many more high level clients across the full spectrum of the supply chain. He was a featured speaker at TEDx Chattanooga.