Hub Group to roll out enhanced end-to-end visibility for customers to track shipments in real-time

Hub Group (NASDAQ:HUBG) plans to roll out its advanced end-to-end visibility data on May 16 that allows its customers to track loads in real time to help them better plan for a shipment’s arrival.

“Our goal is to provide end-to-end supply chain transparency,” Vava Dimond, chief information officer of Hub Group, told FreightWaves. “Our role in that supply chain is very much at a point in which we have a tremendous amount of data that when made visible to our customers allows them to make far different, more sophisticated decisions about what they need to do within their supply chain.”

Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, Hub’s enhanced end-to-end visibility data deploys technology that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning and ties that into emerging connectivity platforms to ensure the real-time shipment estimated time of arrival (ETA) data gets to the right decision-makers in the supply chain, Dimond said.

“We think it’s all about having the knowledge or insight to make better decisions,” she said.

Data is collected through Hub’s fully GPS-enabled fleet, including tractors and containers, as well as its sensors and cameras.

Dimond said Hub also collects its IoT data, known as the “internet of things,” a term that refers to the network of physical devices, vehicles and other items embedded with software, sensors, actuators and wireless connectivity, from its thousands of assets on the road to provide real-time ETAs to its customers.

Hub Group is a multi-modal transportation company that includes intermodal, truck brokerage, dedicated and logistics services throughout North America. The publicly traded company posted $4 billion in revenue.

Customers can access the data through the Hub Group’s customer portal, Hub Connect, or through their electronic data interchange (EDI) or application program interfaces (ADI) feeds.

“As the supply chain grows increasingly more complex, our customers need accuracy and visibility at every step,” said David Yeager, chief executive of Hub Group. “We’re combining our nearly 50 years of supply chain solutions experience with emerging technology to raise the stakes on what a sophisticated supply chain should look like, delivering the real-time, trusted ETA data essential for our customers’ success.”

Clarissa Hawes, Senior Editor, Investigations and Enterprise

Clarissa has covered all aspects of the trucking industry for 14 years. She is an award-winning journalist known for her investigative and business reporting. Before joining FreightWaves, she wrote for Land Line Magazine and If you have a news tip or story idea, send her an email to

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