Today’s Pickup: J.B. Hunt, University of Arkansas to create supply-chain Innovation Center

Moving product through the supply chain is sometimes a maze of complex movements requiring multiple people, technologies and vehicles. 

Moving product through the supply chain is sometimes a maze of complex movements requiring multiple people, technologies and vehicles. 

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J.B. Hunt is investing $2.75 million in the University of Arkansas for creation of the J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence. The center, a joint effort with the College of Engineering and the Sam. M. Walton College of Business, will allow students to work with J.B. Hunt employees to solve real-word problems through innovative design and tech-driven supply-chain solutions.

Inbound Logistics spoke with Tracy Black, senior vice president of information technology at J.B. Hunt, about the efforts. “As our industry evolves, customers need more intelligent supply chain solutions to meet market demand," Simpson told the publication. “This collaboration is an investment in the future of J.B. Hunt and our ability to deliver customer value.”

Did you know?

The International Transport Forum says up to 70% of all trucking jobs in the U.S. and Europe could be eliminated by self-driving trucks by the year 2030.


“The J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence will allow us to pursue revolutionary ideas in supply chain technology that can have a game-changing impact on the industry. The innovative ideas that will shape our industry's future are with the students of today.”

- Stuart Scott, CIO, J.B. Hunt

In other news:

Consumer spending, incomes rise

The latest government data suggests that consumer spending in April rose 0.4% and incomes by the same amount, following a lower-than-expected first quarter. The uptick has boosted the outlook for greater growth in the second quarter. (CFO)

Cleaner delivery

A new University of Washington study has looked at delivery methods of trucks vs. drones to determine which has the smallest carbon footprint. Trucks, it turns out, are quite competitive.  (Geekwire)

Preventing ransomware attacks

The recent ransomware attack that held computers across the globe hostage under ransoms were paid shows that all companies today are vulnerable to cyberattack. Supply Chain Brain has published some tips on how to keep your computers safe. (Supply Chain Brain)

Court battle

Covenant Transportation subsidiary Southern Refrigerated Transport Inc. is asking a judge to reconsider a judgement against it for a load of pharmaceutical products that was stolen. The load, reportedly valued at $8.6 million, was stolen in 2008, leading to a court proceeding that resulted in a $6 million ruling against Southern. (CCJ)

Plenty of jobs, but no workers

By Labor Department count, there are at least 6 million open jobs in the country right now; at least 8 million people on unemployment or underemployed and perhaps another 10 million who have given up looking for a job. So why are there any open jobs? The answer may be that the jobs are not where people live. (Yahoo)

There are plenty of collaborations between the trucking industry and colleges and technical schools, the J.B. Hunt effort with the University of Arkansas being the latest. With the shortage of drivers and technicians, it’s a good idea to look for new avenues to develop talent, and colleges are one place to start.

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