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Kinaxis partners with 4flow to optimize capacity

4flow leverages algorithms to solve supply chain issues

Kinaxis partners with 4flow to create applications for capacity optimization. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Kinaxis, a supply chain software provider, has released a new application for its platform, RapidResponse that it says will enable Kinaxis’ customers to optimize their current capacity, reducing freight spend and carbon emissions for overall supply chain sustainability.

The new application, Kinaxis Transportation Load Optimizer by 4flow, is the result of a partnership between the company and Berlin-based 4flow, a supply chain company that offers consulting, software and managed services, and provides strategy to clients for creating and implementing solutions for complex supply chain networks worldwide.

(Photo: Kinaxis)

4flow is able to use its 20 years of experience developing algorithms to create custom tools for its partners to solve specific supply chain problems.

“We opened up our RapidResponse platform to allow supply chain innovators like 4flow to develop applications to give our customers new functionality and choice and gain more efficiency in their end-to-end supply chain,” said Andrew McDonald, chief product officer at Kinaxis. “As our partner and an established leader in transportation planning and optimization we’re excited to have certified 4flow’s first application on RapidResponse. It is a perfect example of how Kinaxis customers can gain additional value from their RapidResponse implementation, while helping to maintain a sustainable supply chain — something that is critical in today’s business environment.”

4flow’s first application for Kinaxis on the RapidResponse platform is the Kinaxis’ Transportation Load Optimizer.  With the application, users are able to increase capacity utilization for all modes of transportation — rail, ocean, air and truck — by optimizing shipment scheduling to consolidate orders and utilizing trailer space efficiently. 

Anticipating real world transportation restrictions and a higher degree of network accuracy, the Transportation Load Optimizer provides planning teams with a smoother transition to transportation execution, reducing the need for manual intervention during the tendering process.

“Building on the RapidResponse platform lets us leverage our innovative planning algorithms to create an application that seamlessly connects supply chain planning and transportation optimization,” said 4flow CEO Kai Althoff. “We are pleased to be working with Kinaxis to combine the power of concurrent planning with transportation and load building optimization to help customers save money, gain efficiencies and meet sustainability objectives.”

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