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Leveraging legal benefits to recruit and retain — Taking the Hire Road

Commercial drivers typically spend more time on the road than the average American driver. With this comes more opportunities to be caught committing a traffic violation.

With a citation also comes the burden of handling the citation in court, which can result in a driver spending less time on the road, moving goods. TVC Pro-Driver helps keep truck drivers on the road rather than in courthouses fighting traffic citations.

TVC Pro-Driver assists drivers with protection personally and professionally with nationwide CDL legal protection, discounts, roadside assistance and more. In operation for more than 30 years, TVC Pro-Driver considers itself an industry leader and pioneer — the “pros behind the pros.”

A trucking industry veteran, Nick Hillesheim is the chief sales officer at TVC Pro-Driver.

“We all know that there are two things that drivers don’t have: extra time or money. We want to think about how to keep drivers in the truck so they can save time and keep making money,” Hillesheim said. “We do this by fighting citations on behalf of drivers so they don’t have that burden. We also provide visibility to drivers so they can stay up to date on where things are in the process. The last thing we want is for them to be distracted or worried at any point.”

Hillesheim added that the additional perks (i.e., discounts, roadside assistance and rewards programs) include drivers’ spouses.

While TVC has remained focused on individual drivers, recently, leadership at TVC  has taken steps to ensure its platform is easy for both individual drivers and fleets to use.

“A lot of fleets will buy new technology but only implement a portion of it or they implement the whole thing but they don’t know how to use it,” Hillesheim said. “We try to make our platform easy to use to alleviate that burden. We like to consider ourselves similar to life insurance — you may not need it but it gives peace of mind to have it.”

Fleets also can use TVC in driver recruiting by offering the services as employee benefits.

“Our fleet customers look at our product as a leg up when it comes to recruiting, and many drivers will see this the same way when looking for work,” Hillesheim added. “Regardless of how you do it, it has an impact on retention. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can provide this benefit to your drivers.”

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