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Leveraging technology, expertise for better driver matches — Taking The Hire Road

The days of utilizing print media to help job prospects and employers find each other are nearly over. Driver recruiting has turned the page.

Natasha Hammack, VP of corporate branding and communications at Wright Media LLC, has been in the industry since newspaper want ads reigned supreme. As one of the trucking industry’s first digital recruiting salespeople, she joined host Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach, on the latest episode of Taking The Hire Road to discuss how important it is to leverage today’s recruiting technology.

Hammack said Wright Media’s intuitive recruiting platform, HireMaster, is the first mobile app to be introduced to the trucking industry. HireMaster’s trucking tool set includes job boards, mobile apps and back-end data management software, making it a cost-effective recruiting solution for trucking companies with both large and small budgets.  

“We can do everything from social media to any type of targeted marketing, but our wheelhouse is really using technology that we create to enable drivers to find the right job and the carriers to find the right candidate,” Hammack said.

She said Wright Media specializes in the logistical aspects of advertising — getting the message out. The Anniston, Alabama-based, data-driven recruiting solutions provider utilizes social media and search engine campaigns to help companies recruit better candidates. 

With a challenging driver shortage for many, it’s difficult to stand out unless you know what your competitors are doing, Hammack said.

“We’ve partnered with companies that allow us to have access to employment, job and pay information, so we’re able to go in and help our clients see what their strengths are, as well as their shortcomings. We call this our CDL Data Report,” Hammack said.

This report allows HireMaster to optimize job postings and campaigns to help drivers find exactly what they’re looking for and ensure that carriers have candidates to choose from. 

“We’re seeing that carriers are leaning on vendors a lot more, and we’re actually seeing a lot more data sharing with our clients than we ever had before,” Hammack said of Wright Media’s partnership with its clients. “It’s a competitive market. Everyone is squeezed for time and money. … They’re constantly calling us asking, ‘What else do you have?’ — to the point where we’re literally being pushed to create new products.”

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