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Navistar recalls trucks because engine revving can overwhelm parking brake

Property damage and other danger possible if truck moves during power takeoff

Navistar is recalling about 20,000 work trucks because engine revving during power takeoff can overwhelm the parking brake. The truck maker had a recall for the same issue in December 2019. (Photo: Navistar)

Navistar International Corp. (NYSE: NAV) is recalling about 20,000 work trucks in the U.S. and Canada because engine revving during power takeoff (PTO), such as operating a dump truck, can overwhelm the parking brake.

It is the truck maker’s second recall for the issue in a year. Navistar recalled 12,359 work trucks in the U.S. for the same issue in December 2019.

The condition can occur when the parking brake is applied with the automatic transmission still in drive or reverse. When the operator engages the stationary PTO switch, the engine RPM revving may overcome the parking brake’s ability to keep the truck in place.  

Movement could cause property damage, injuries

If the parking brake gives way, the truck could move and cause property damage and endanger people nearby, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said.

Navistar received a report of slight vehicle movement in August 2020. After investigating, the truck maker determined that a PTO interlock parameter setting in the engine control module of Cummins’ (NYSE: CMI) 2013 EPA ISL and ISB engines and 2017 EPA ISB engines could affect four truck model lines.

Neither Navistar nor NHTSA reported any crashes or injuries from the condition. Navistar made a software fix in its plants in November. But 100% of certain 2014-2020 Durastar, 2020-2021 HV, 2019-2021 MV and 2015-2018 Workstar models could have the issue. Navistar decided on a safety recall Dec. 17.

Dealers will update the parameters in the Cummins’ ECM that enables the PTO neutral interlock. Navistar plans to notify owners and dealers of the recall details on Feb. 19.

The NHTSA recall 20V-810 covers 17,213 trucks. An additional 3,178 trucks are under Transport Canada recall.

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