NFI announces its membership with BiTA

NFI, a leading supply chain solutions provider, recently became a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

BiTA was established in August 2017 by experienced technology and transportation experts with the purpose of developing a platform for dialogue, building common standards and promoting the education of blockchain technologies. Thousands of companies have applied for membership across the freight market landscape, including some of the largest providers in the supply chain industry.

As a leader of innovation in supply chain technology, NFI continues to expand various technological initiatives, including automation, robotics and sophisticated transportation management systems. Through its membership with BiTA, NFI looks to further strengthen connectivity and collaboration with its partners.

“NFI offers a unique approach to technology, engineering and transportation solutions, and we are excited to partner with BiTA,” said Gerard Darby, SVP and CIO at NFI. “Our company’s commitment to continuous improvement, particularly in regards to transparency, aligns with BiTA’s objectives to foster blockchain benefits like efficiency and visibility.”

“We believe blockchain may hold unlimited potential within the supply chain process to improve communication among customers, suppliers, carriers, financial institutions, and consumers,” said Anne Thomas, VP, Financial Systems and Business Processes. “Aside from creating visibility and trust between shippers and customers, it could also present operational benefits like reduction in delays and human error.”

With a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions that spans dedicated transportation, distribution, transportation management, port drayage, intermodal, brokerage, global logistics and commercial real estate, the importance of transparency across its services is continually growing. By joining BiTA and further exploring the potential of blockchain, NFI aims to enhance visibility and efficiency for its customers and partners.

“We are excited to welcome NFI to the BiTA family”, said Chris Burruss, President of BiTA.  “NFI has consistently been ranked as one of the top logistics companies in North America. Their involvement in  our blockchain standards work will be invaluable.”

Other current BiTa members include UPS, FedEx, Schneider, Penske and SAP.

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