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Serving, giving and testing with Trucking Clicks — Taking the Hire Road

Providing value important component before and after the click

With the job market still unpredictable, hiring has still proven to be a challenge for many industries, including trucking.

With the effects of the pandemic still being felt, companies have found other ways to navigate driver recruiting and retention efforts, including new approaches to marketing.

“There are more driver recruitment marketing vendors than ever before,” said Aaron Craddock, founder and CEO of Trucking Clicks. “The industry is becoming saturated. Directors of recruiting no longer want to pick up the phone, and they are getting many calls a day from different vendors and startups.” 

With a background in accounting, Craddock eventually found his way to the trucking industry. In 2019, he started Trucking Clicks, a digital agency that specializes in driver recruitment marketing services.

Craddock believes that genuine human connection plays a large part in meeting business goals, — “humility over pride and curiosity over conviction,” he said. 

He believes what sets Trucking Clicks apart is his team’s “go-getter” mindset and the company’s overall core values — serving others, honesty and growth. 

“We hire people with these mindsets, and we do business with companies that have these mindsets,” Craddock said. “We all need to share the same vision. It’s not always about going and conquering the business. It’s about giving and serving. Goals are often just numbers, but I always remember the people I help.”

Trucking Clicks prides itself on its mature and vetted marketing team, and Craddock assures that anyone who partners with the agency will see a positive difference. He also said growth is a key component to his clients’ success — and experimentation is a part of that.

“We want to help them grow and if they are looking to stick to the status quo, we’re not the right partner for them,” Craddock said. “We tend to attract the companies that are willing to be innovative.”

Another goal of Trucking Clicks is to provide value both before and after the click (or lead), according to Craddock. That means building and maintaining intentional and holistic relationships with each client, starting from the get-go. He added that the agency positions itself as the guide, not the hero.

“We don’t want to be just another vendor,” Craddock said. “We want to be an extension of our client’s team.” 

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