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Taking command: KeepTruckin rolls out integrated fleet management platform

Fleet View provides fleet management through single dashboard

KeepTruckin has introduced Fleet View, a holistic approach to managing a fleet through a single platform that combines GPS, ELD compliance, driver safety management and asset visibility. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Fleet management and asset visibility go hand-in-hand — without one, the other doesn’t provide the operational value it could.

KeepTruckin is out to change that with its new Fleet View GPS tracking command center. Fleet View combines GPS tracking, electronic logging device compliance, driver safety management and asset visibility into a single, integrated fleet operations center.

“KeepTruckin’s mission is to build modern technology that improves the safety and efficiency of businesses that keep our economy moving,” Shoaib Makani, CEO of KeepTruckin, told FreightWaves. “With the launch of Fleet View, we are breaking down the data silos to give companies a comprehensive view of their drivers, vehicles and assets — all in one place.”

Fleet View, and the complementary KeepTruckin Fleet App, provides businesses with the knowledge they need for operational decision-making, KeepTruckin said. The platform aggregates and visualizes live and historical location data across drivers, vehicles, trailers and the equipment they operate. Driver hours-of-service (HOS) data paired with vehicle status, visuals from the artificial intelligence-powered Smart Dashcam, vehicle health and maintenance alerts, and real-time map layers like weather provide the context necessary to make data-driven decisions about where a truck or fleet of trucks has been and where it should go next, the company said.

The entire platform includes:

Streamlined workflows

According to Makani, Fleet View allows customers to dispatch faster and increases employee productivity and asset utilization.

“This intelligent command center not only consolidates the cost of multiple different point solutions, it also saves our customers mission-critical time by automating manual tasks related to planning, dispatching and optimizing performance across all fleet assets,” he said.

The Fleet View command center live map features driver, vehicle, equipment and trailer information in a single location. Compliance and safety data, including daily driver activity collected through the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam, is included.

The live map view displays: 

  • Current vehicle status — whether driving, idling or engine off.
  • A real-time weather map filter, plus a traffic and satellite layer.
  • Reported vehicle health and maintenance issues to avoid downtime.
  • HOS information.

Makani noted that real-time precipitation and temperature are available through the weather map filter.

“Now dispatchers don’t have to jump between multiple applications to plan routes and guide drivers during a snowstorm or ensure the right equipment is available for a trip that involves a pickup at a location with low temperatures,” he said.

Real-time asset visibility

Managers can utilize “Follow Mode” to see their vehicles’ locations turn by turn, updated every two seconds. Vehicle location can also be shared with customers or other third parties providing real-time estimated time of arrival information. The breadcrumb functionality allows for verification of payroll, to see driver location history and confirmation of compliance with regulations and policies.

“Traditional tracking methods are founded in manual, time-consuming work. Bouncing around between different systems, being tied to a computer and making a slew of endless phone calls means fleet managers and dispatchers are constantly wasting time looking for a needle in a haystack,” Makani said. “KeepTruckin empowers fleets to operate more efficiently to save time, reduce costs and make more informed business decisions with holistic access to real-time information across GPS tracking, ELD compliance, driver safety, vehicle maintenance and more on one single screen.”

For dispatchers, KeepTruckin has included a “Proximity Search” to quickly identify nearby drivers or vehicles to a pickup location.

The Fleet App takes all this information and makes it available on a mobile device. The app enables text, email or phone communications and shows vehicle location, driver HOS and speeding and vehicle fault codes.

Makani said the app includes mobile-friendly functionality, including pinch-and-zoom and dark mode for improved nighttime visibility.

Improved asset utilization

Fleet View maximizes asset utilization by adding trailer and equipment tracking functionality, KeepTruckin said. Utilizing the company’s solar-powered Asset Gateway, which can be installed in approximately five minutes, managers gain visibility into asset location and utilization. Instant alerts allow for geofencing equipment to prevent unauthorized use. Inventory reports quickly locate assets in yards or in the field.

Additional alerts related to vehicle maintenance, driver safety, GPS locations and out-of-compliance or unsafe driving are available.

“Fleet View’s integrated map also contains rich insights for trailers and equipment regarding detention times to help increase profitability and maximize utilization,” Makani said.

The Asset Gateway API allows for integrations with transportation management systems.

The Fleet View requires the use of KeepTruckin devices.

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