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Texas Coca-Cola plant to close

Nearly 80 workers in Grand Prairie will be laid off by April 15

The Coca-Cola plant in Grand Prairie, Texas, will close by April 15 as part of company wide consolidation efforts. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

The Coca-Cola plant in Grand Prairie, Texas, will close by April 15 as part of a consolidating effort by the company, according to a notice sent to state officials Friday.

As part of the consolidation, 76 workers will be laid off from the manufacturing and distribution plant.

The jobs being cut include truck drivers, warehouse workers and logistics managers.

“Coca-Cola North America (CCNA) announced that it would be moving its water production from our three CCNA-owned water manufacturing facilities to a new, independent partner, Niagara Bottling Company,” the company said in its letter to state officials. “Consistent with these plans, we have made the difficult decision to cease manufacturing operations at our facility located at 3405 Roy Orr Boulevard, Grand Prairie, Texas.”

According to a press release, CCNA acquired the bottling plant in Grand Prairie from Groupe Danone in 2002. 

Coca-Cola saw its sales volumes drop 5% during the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, prompted by shutdowns of major gatherings where bottled drinks sell heavily, such as sporting events, concerts and movie theaters, executives said Feb. 10 during an earnings call.

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  1. Tammi Howard

    I’m sorry for the employees losing their “be less white” campaign I hope they completely crash and burn. How do people be less white?

  2. Bek

    Sorry for those who will lose their jobs but due to their white policy, I will not be buying coke any more and there are more like me.

  3. Jon Doe

    I hope coca cola shuts down completely. I hope they go out of business. I’m going to stay as white as the day I was born. Shove that in your mouth and swallow.

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