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The intersection of marketing and sustainability in media

New year, new goals

A recent Bloomberg article discussed why it’s important for companies to “invest time and money to assess the risks that shifting weather patterns pose to their operations and then mitigate them.” To that end, organizations across the world are evaluating action plans for 2022. Marketing and sustainability go hand in hand in the success of any organization, and the balance of the two in the media can widely affect the perception of the organization.

“Historically, marketing has worked closely with sustainability within large organizations because it is a part of what they are selling their customers,” said Tyler Cole, FreightWaves’ director of carbon intelligence. 

The two are wound together tightly, determining the organization’s brand identity. Not all companies walk the walk and talk the talk, though, and any company that misses the significance of matching its mission internally and externally can face serious scrutiny. “There’s this healthy tension between wanting a simple, clean brand that’s understood they identify with doing good, but there’s also the complexity that underpins that,” said Cole. 

Maintaining balance in the field of people, environment and social issues becomes the task. Companies like Ben & Jerry’s have stood the test of time, taking a stand to stay true and authentic to their goals, despite the culture. “Where I think companies get in trouble is when they try to blur those lines or become so big that you’re trying to do something for everybody,” said Cole.

Choosing which media platform to share sustainability goals can be daunting. While the goal is to drive value and lower marketing costs, a company’s website or social media page, as well as white papers to demonstrate expertise, can all be great places to start. Sharing anything with the public can come with its own consequences, if not properly thought out. 

“Start with the end in mind,” Cole said. “How can this be construed by a listener, a reader or other media outlets?” 

Britni Chisenall

Britni Chisenall is a sponsored content writer for FreightWaves. She lives in Ooltewah, TN with her husband, Garrett and her cat, Lily. Britni is a graduate of Dalton State College.